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  1. I tried, several times but the picture is too large to load.
  2. My first actual customer quilt and this is her first quilt. There is every type of fabric in the world used in the scrap piecing and 'narry' a seam has been pressed. Oh, did I mention there are curved seams? I'm going to steam it flat and quilt it simple but any tips would be appreciated. It is 90" x 100". WandaQuilts
  3. Hi Amie, I too have a V17, w/SLR AND, I too am forever lurking around the APQS 'used machine forum' and there is no doubt the APQS machines are Cadillac's and we drive a VW (V17); I feel your pain GF!!! When I actually convince myself to do it, (there are so many used machines out there and at a great value) I talk myself out of it every time. I've decided that 1) I know my machine...do I really want to go back to the learning curve? new machine, new frame? 2) I have a stitch regulator, not IQ or anything close, I'm sure, but it does the job, and a good job, when the operator is paying attention anyway! Spending $10K on a SLR is out of the question for me so, while I could get an APQS or a Gammil machine, it would not have the SLR and I now that I have had it, I don't want to be without it! I do a lot of ruler work and I use it for pantos too. These are just my own arguments, I cannot find fault with my machine since Hinterberg replaced the original (2005 model) with a new one in 2008. All due respect to those of you who own an APQS. I'm not ashamed to say, I cannot afford to spend that kind of money nor do I want to go into debt and worry about having enough business make the payments. As for bending over the frame...is your leader wide enough? If it were wider could you just unroll it closer to the belly bar? OR is it a height issue with the frame? It has adjustments. I dropped mine down a notch when my back was aching from reaching. Now, if anyone out there has Ult I or II with a SR, or a Freedom SR, with CQ for around $5,000. and you are within 1000 miles of Houston, call me right away!!! I have a cargo trailer!!!:D:D:D
  4. I am in truly in awe of this quilt but all of your work is remarkable. (I've been lurking @ your blog) Thanks for sharing with us.
  5. first and largest issue is the length of the table. freight companies consider anything over 48" long "oversize" therefore, rate per pound goes way up, and they ask, 'how long?' 12 feeeet??? (chaaaaaa ching) second, is the home delivery (i.e. 'lift gate service') (double chaaaa ching) has anyone tried U-Ship.com?
  6. Check out u-ship.com....you post the job, specialty movers and transporters bid on the job.
  7. Hey Tracie, I know it's a 'pita' but go ahead and put it on Ebay & your local Craigslist; anyone who has done their homework or is looking for an A-1 will jump on this great deal. Longarm University has a used classifieds you can list it on also. Best of luck, sure wish I could get it...., W
  8. I have always used sizing since I heard how pests are attracted to starch....love the lavender pressing spray and I know that lavender is a natural pest repellant so then my hinderance was the cost.....until I found this recipe. http://www.aquiltingsheep.com/p/pressing-spray-recipe.html Enjoy....makes me happy to give back to all of you who inspire me (I stalk) everyday.....
  9. Also try missingfabrics.com...Those tone on tone neutrals are tough to find. Have you considered bleaching, in the wash or in the sun?
  10. What about 'smoke' color monopoly or whatever they call the nylon stuff that is much better quality than was available years ago? Superior has it in 'clear' for lights and 'smoke' for darker fabrics. Seem like I have heard it recommended for these type areas.
  11. There is 'Cloud Nine Quilt Shop' in Absorke, (very near Red Lodge) also.
  12. White vinegar usually gets pet odors out of carpet, maybe get the odors off the pet too?
  13. Really beautiful, all of the photos. That bridal bouquet is stunning!
  14. That little piece of batting is also a great place to put a few drops of liquid silicone to coat the thread.
  15. You can add a few drops of 'sewers aid' to that piece of batting also, helps everything flow a little easier.
  16. My Mom too, was quite difficult to deal with B4 she became bedridden...so when she fell, broke her back..oh man was I in for it! She was diagnosed stage 4 multiple myaloma a few days later but, as difficult as it was, the next 4 months were a wonderful time for us both. One morning, her milk was not cold enough, the coffee was not hot enough, she had me hopping! I stopped, mid stride, looked at her and said 'Why are you giving me such a hard time'? she put her right index finger to the corner of her mouth and looked up and to the right (like she was thinking up a good answer) and said, 'Well, it's just my nature'. We laughed till we cried and then I went to get her a 'hot' cup of coffee. Of all the crazy things that happened during the 4 months that I did 24/7 - (hospital fire, my uncle came to visit and died, my family was literally freaking out) this will forever be the foremost memory of our time together. I am satisfied that I did my best and have no regrets. Remember to take a very deep breath, hold for a count of 3 - B4 reacting when you experience the unbelievable, the ridiculous, even the bizarre while also dealing with medical professionals, family and friends. If it don't kill ya, it will make you better! Get out of the house as often as you can, even if only for an hour or two. Prayers to bless you and your family. James 1:2-4
  17. Jeff travels (regionally) a LOT, sometimes an overnight-er. When he knows these are on the calendar he will invite me to go along and I am immediately on YellowBook.com, looking for a quilt shop. He will drop me off, with some grumbling about not liking leaving me with strangers, not knowing exactly how long his job is going to take; but I assure him I will be fine among quilters. Other times he will go with but this does not work out well because he is very 'chatty' and will have the attention of the clerk(s), leaving me on my own to find what I am looking for. They will be discussing the batiks and how they are made or what makes some new gadget so special, while I can't find the perfect fabric I am looking for! Gotta love these guys that tolerate our passion!
  18. I agree w/Marilyn; maybe even just large crosshatch E2E?
  19. I agree w/Marilyn; maybe even just large crosshatch E2E?
  20. Isn't there an old cliche that says 'go with your first impulse'? Thanks again!
  21. Isn't there an old cliche that says 'go with your first impulse'? Thanks again!
  22. Hey Kristina, I'm thinking quick and simple but I want it to be kinda 'period' also. I purchased a reproduction wide back (honey color with tiny print) for the back.