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  1. The ones that currently bother me are the Ford commercials. Children, who are obviously not of legal age to drive, are asking Santa for a real car. What expectations are these giving to our over-privileged children? There are so many messages in the commercials today that really do not fit reality. Yes, I can turn it off, or switch channels, but really I can't spend my day doing that for a sixty second bite. As Newton Minow said way back in 1961, televilsion is "a vast wasteland."
  2. Thank you Ladies! Didn't realize that they were in Houston. Will give a call tomorrow. Thank you again!
  3. We have an '07 Liberty. It recently started making a noise in the back (column) of the machine (where you turn it on). It sounds like broken plastic parts bouncing around. I loosened the screw on the cap piece and carefully lifted it off. There are some circuit boards with wires connecting them there, and I didn't want to unhook them. There is also a band that is attached at the back that runs the whole column. I looked there, but couldn't see anything, but that is where the noise is coming from. Other than the noise, it still sews. My tension is great (using Glide with Magn-bobbins). Please someone tell me what is going on! Am I damaging the machine if I use it????? I have a Christmas present on the machine now and need to finish it. What should I do??????
  4. Just saw this- and so timely too. I just loaded a quilt and backing. The backing is so big and squareing it up was too much to try. I pretty much did as you said, but not quite. No stitching yet, so will go and check to see if I have it right. THANK YOU LINDA! YOU ROCK!
  5. Like Leslie, I was looking for my favorites tonight, and they seem to be gone. New formats always take getting used to using, but once you try anything new it gets better! Thanks Dawn for all of the help that you give!
  6. OMGoodness, I could give you a list of books to read! Yes, "The Secret Life Of Bees" is an excellent read, so is "Water For Elephants". I have read most of the Diana Gabaldon "Outlander" series. Read them a long, long time ago. Interesting that they are making a come-back. (Read them in the '90s) Two books I highly recommend are by Alan Brennert, they are "Honolulu" and "Moloka'i". Both are set from a woman's perspective on Hawaiian history.(I hope that he writes more!) I asked myself, how could a man write from a woman's perspective? However, Mr. Brennert certainly did a very good job. Excellent reads! Love, love most books by Jodi Picoult. I am now reading a book entitled " Inside Of A Dog: What A Dog Sees, Smells, and Knows" by Alexandra Horowitz. If you ever wondered about the world your dog lives in, this is a book for you! What could be a dry scientific book, is written with humor and practicality for an easy read. I am seeing the dogs around me in a whole new light! A friend once said to me, "Do you ever look into their eyes, and wonder who is in there?" Yes, and now I am seeing the world more from their perspective. Explains a lot! Cheers!
  7. I read this and it does make me angry. I agree with the other posts about these people. (Why I won't watch "Criminal Minds", it gives them ideas.) When we lived in Florida, there was a news story about a man arrested who had been baby sitting for some friends. The baby "was stolen". She was found, alive, tossed by the side of the road. She was just 13 months old and had been raped. ????????? I still can not come to terms with this crime. His DNA was present. There is no death available worthy of this "man". "Drawn and Quartered" comes to mind. Where have we failed as a society? How do we fix this? Is there any fix? Have they just always been with us? I don't know the answers, but it just makes me wish there was something we could do.
  8. If you click on the photo, it will take you to Photobucket where the picture is posted. Page back and you can see a couple of close-ups of her blocks. I believe (from looking closely at the pictures) that she has done some gorgeous applique'. Penny, I just love this quilt. It is beautiful. Love, love the colors. Can't wait to see the finished picture. You rock!
  9. Her work is beautiful! However, IMHO no one is worth that much money to watch, especially with the problems that they have had on the site and lack of customer support. Your money would be better spent with DVD's that you can count on. Just an opinion.
  10. While playing Quilting Is Murder, I ran across this product. I don't know anything about it other than the shop owner says it works great. (waiting for mine to try.) Could help with your quilts.(they are beautiful!) (ps, sorry surgery on hand, typing with only one stinks!) Retro Clean $14.99 Finally! A product that safely removes yellow and brown age stains from vintage and antique cotton fabrics and laces. You get a full pound of Retro Clean. Use just 4 tablespoons per gallon of water. Give Retro Clean a try and you will be thrilled to see your favorite heirloom, once thought to be a lost cause, spring back to life! Available from Not affilated and all that jazz.
  11. Wonderful hints, everyone! Gotta go shopping now.LOL The "magnet-on-a-stick" is great. I bought one at Lowe's, it is fairly large and on a long pole. Easy to pick up pins and errant bobbins that seem to always go to the hardest to reach place. You can also get smaller versions at places like Tractor Supply, very inexpensive there. The magnetic pin dishes are there too, mechanics use them to hold parts.
  12. You know, I really think that they know when they have been rescued. He will be a boon companion for your son. Wishing them both lots of happy days. He's a great dog!
  13. Congratulations Shannon! We went to Reno, still was fun! Wishing you all the best in the future.
  14. Heidi and Jeri thank you so much for the tips! Heidi I think that that was one of the problems. The chalk was all over the place, but was thicker on the lines. I could just make them out. It came out ok, but barely. I just made up the rest of the line from looking at the stencil. Sigh, Jeri I don't have a blacklite. Guess I need another up-grade. Thank you all so much for all of the help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Sara
  15. Wow Ladies, thanks for all of the helpful info! Colleen, that is really great info! Will give it a try next time. My poor little quilt that I tried the Pounce pad on looks pretty bad, but I will not frog! Lesson learned. LOL I just will love it the way it is, so glad that it is mine. Linda, so the pigma pen works out ok? I didn't want to use it because it is permanent and I wanted my stitches to be the highlight. My thinking also is that if I draw it all out with the permanent pen, why stitch?? Yep, I can be very lazy, my Mom always said so! Glad to know that if I use the spray, I will need to wash up after each time. Thanks! I think that I will use up this can and not get another! I can't thank you all enough for your help! I guess I am always looking for an easier way to mark a quilt. I love so many stencils and want to use them to the max. You guys are great!! Sara