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    Daisy2018 got a reaction from ChristineB in 2008 APQS Millie For Sale - Moving--Price Slashed to $7,900!   
    It's almost time for our move! No room in the truck for my beloved Millie. I am forced to sell her as we are moving across the country. Only used on my personal quilts; very low hours. Its stitches have always been perfect! The machine has been kept in a climate-controlled room and has been well maintained. Picture her finishing all YOUR quilts for you!
    Serious offers considered.   It is a great machine!  I'll leave it up for a little while longer so that it can be "test driven " !
    LOCATION: Georgia
    2008 Millennium Electronic Directional Locks Lower Thread Cutter 14-foot Table L bobbin Automatic Fabric Advance Turbo Bobbin Winder Hartley Fence M & M Wheels Instruction Manual Original Boxes Price: $9000 Reduced to $7,900
    Located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Buyer must pick up, but we still have the original shipping boxes, including the long rail and roller boxes to protect it during transport to its new home!
    Questions? Email Pat at:  irisrose125@aol.com or call 770-789-7532

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    Daisy2018 got a reaction from sewhappy in cleaning vintage fabrics   
    I'll add something that will horrify some people !!! I had some old aprons made and used a long time ago from feedsacks, and a little embroidery, rickrack, buttons. They were stained, and as I really couldn't see keeping them if they weren't looking CLEAN, I first tried many of the above things for vintage things, and then when nothing worked, soaked, and washed in original Tide.....They were almost bright....and very soft and nice. So you never can tell....Pat