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  1. HELP PLEASE !! I have cleaned and oiled my bobbin casing and the hook area. It appears to me that the bobbin casing is rattling in the hook assembly. I don't recall this noise in the past, it appears to be new. The noise is much more intense when i am actually sewing on quilt/batting/backing. When I move the machine off quilt and turn it on to just listen to it run - it still does rattle but not as much. I have also put in a new neddle. I am sure the noice is coming from this area. Thank you for your help, Tammy Isennock New Market Maryland:(
  2. Dawn, I have a Lennie and am very interested in purchasing micro handles for my machine. However, the APQS website does not list the Lennie machine as one of the machines that they are available for, can you assist me, please? Thank you, Tammy Isennock Frederick Maryland
  3. Chris, I have sanded the heck out of my plastic track and I am still experiencing some really jerky spots, where the machine just does what it wants, despite my death grip on her!! In one of your postings you stated "What did it for me was putting the edgerider wheels on. The machine felt lcompletely different , smooth and gliding as it should, which is why I think it is a wheel/track problem." , can you please take a minute to explain to me what the edgrider wheels are and what did it take for for you to get them from APQS? THANKS!!! Tammy Isennock
  4. Hello, I just had to jump in. I am new to long arm quilting and have only been peicing quilts for about 2 years, so I am still a newbie in both areas. MaryBeth has it the nail on the head, I have never done the border the right way on any of my previous quilts and didn't know crap about batting until reading in this forum. I mean the tons of books I have read all said how to do the borders right......but I never really understood how important it was. The books only put a little paragraph on doing borders correctly, they don't really emphasis how important it is. And if I would have never bought my long arm and got into this forum, I still would be doing the border the lazy way and buying the cheap batting!!! SO THANK YOU LADIES!!! EDUCATE US!!!!!!
  5. I think if this pole and weights don't work you HAVE TO ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK, I understand you already sold your other long arm, but you can't go on like this, even though you have a long arm now, it is not a success. I have had issues with my Lennie, I had to sand the heck out of my plastic track (I HATE THIS PLASTIC TRACK) and add washers to all four of the machine wheels to get them to riding properly. I still have a resistance when I am trying to move the machine in certain spots - and mostly diagonal moves. I feel that I have resolved the machine issues the best I can and that this remaining resistance is a result of my inexperience to long arm quilting. However, because I am new to long arm, I don't really know. I am hoping to have a professional quilter and APQS rep here (paying for this) to make sure the machine is okay and that it is me. I feel your pain, I cried a few times, I PAID 10K for the thing and expected it to just be perfect, to me 10K is a lot of money. Best wishes, Tammy
  6. Thanks again ladies, you are the bomb!!!!!! one more thing, do you think if I starched the flannel when I am actually peicing the quilt it would help control the stretching of the flannel. My experience with flannel stretch has neen horrible, and i buy the expensive quilt store flannel, I am sure its my fault, but I need some pointers to help me, cause I love flannel!!!!!!! Thanks again, Tammy
  7. Bonnie, thanks for your response. I am a newbie and am freaked out by using any marker that I have to wet the quilt to get rid of, especially washing the entire quilt. I guess because I have given all my quilts away so far and I always pre-wash the material before I make the quilt. BUT I HAVE NEVER WASHED ONE OF MY OWN QUILTS AFTERWARDS AND AM PETRIFIED THEY MIGHT GET ALL SCREWED UP - JUST NEWBIE NERVES, I guess. Have you ever washed a clients quilt to get rid of the marked lines and then the quilt is messed up from washing and drying??? thanks for your time!
  8. Hello, I am interested in the sewline pencils, i was not able to see what process should be used for removing the pencil lines from the quilt on their wesite, i know not an iron now, but what is the standard? Thanks Tammy Newbie from New Market
  9. Kenna, Thanks so much for replying, I just read the whole thread. This is great information......I was beginning to think nobody was going to reply. I have my first flannel quilt top that I pieced before anyone told me that flannel stretched and I wasn't real consistent with the quarter inch seam allowance, it’s got waves in it like the ocean. I just stuffed it under my guest bad two years ago; maybe I will try to fix it with this method for quilting on my lennie. Thanks again, Tammy Isennock NEWBIE FROM NEWMARKET
  10. thanks for everyones input........I have, what might be a stupid question regarding why the pre-wound bobbins would last longer. If the bobbins are the same size then wouldn't it stand to reason that a bobbin can only hold so much thread. Would it be because the pre-wound bobbins are wound tighter then what we can wind with our cups/vases and stand along bobbin winders???????
  11. Everyone, I need to make one update to my last Lenni Wheels update, I put one spacer on each wheel on each side, not 2 on one side as I previously stated - sorry for any confusion. HAPPY QUILTING!!!
  12. Update to my Lenni diagonal moving issue. I was not able to get in touch with Amy of APQS support, we kept playing phone tag - with the holidays and all, we could never catch up. So I went solely on all the replies in this forum and on Dawns detailed reply. I confirmed that my machine wheels were riding to the outside of the carriage, I purchased the spacers and have had them installed-actually needed 2 on one side a 1 on the other, I know Dawn had said we should only ever need them on one side, but this is what made the wheels ride in the middle............what can i say. Also, sanding the plastic track made a huge difference. I have made sure the entire table is also square and level. I am having much much less pull then I was before, all though it is still there, it is much more managable now and I hope with time, I will be able to control it more. Thanks to everyone on this forum for replying and ecpecially to Dawn for the time to type up the detailed email. And, thanks to Amy for trying to get in touch with me!
  13. Myrna, I also sent you a message using the U2U......from the bobbin winding forum.........I am very interested in attending beginner classes and have been to your website. When you have time, please see my U2U message, I don't want to burden you with the same message in different places. Thanks!
  14. I was able to wind the Lennie bobbin on my Janome, it hurt my fingers like crazy trying to get the bobbin off of the Janome, but it worked. I was on the way to get a coffe cup when I found one of my husbands ruler tools, I put the cone on this and just held it, i guess i was the human cone holder!!!!! I did get a nice wound bobbin!!! But taking the bobbin off the Janome really hurt me!!! I am still going to try to find a cone holder and see if the cone holder will work with the side winder, i don't think my fingers can handle the constant removal of the bobbin off the janome. thanks again to everyone! Tammy, Newbie from New Market!!
  15. with the coffee cup approach, won't the cone just flop around in the cup like a fish out of water and make the bobbin winding uneven.......I guess I need to try it for myself instead of asking..........going to try it now.