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  1. Hello,

    I am attempting to straighten the long edges of my leaders.  I have used the channel lock to stitch a line on my take up leader and my backing leader (after pinning them together and rolling back and forth a few times to make sure the leaders were not off grain)  Theoretically the distance between my stitching lines should be consistent, however from the center to the right edge of the table - it remains at 1.5" but as I move to the left of the table, the distance shrinks to almost 1/4" less between the 2 lines.  Does this mean my table is skewed?  Can you help?  Thanks, Dianne

  2. Thanks everyone, great to hear there is a BC Apqs resource. I also put in a lot more oil on the wicks and let it sit for a bit and as of this morning that disturbing noise seems to have disappeared....now if i could just remember how to operate the machine
  3. Hi, it has been quite a while since I was on line - my Millie was in storage for the last year. A reasonably heated facility, but we live do in a rainy climate. I have oiled the 5 wicks and the bobbin case but when I fired up my baby, there is a high pitched (really high pitched) whine coming from (I think) the back of the machine. Have I missed something in restarting or should I be doing something more? thanks for the help.....dianne
  4. hmmmm, you ambitious souls - my accomplishment this week was to not eat the entire box of cookies calling my name in the cupboard.
  5. Hmmm, what Sandy just said..........i am curious too!!
  6. Really, really. really creative use of the feathers, lots of variety but it comes together so beautifully.....
  7. I bet it made her day, your work is lovely and so evenly done.......
  8. Sometimes the puckers are from too much border fabric and it has nowhere else to go......
  9. Hello Dawn, please may i have a copy of the files as well and when you indicate update - does that mean if I purchase now, I pay for updates in a few weeks?
  10. I am not sure if this qualifies as words of wisdom....however, 99 percent of customers are not difficult. They love what they do, they love what you do and they love what you can do for their quilts. You can usually tell within 5 minutes if things are going to be uncomfortable with a potential client. At that point you have a choice - you can recommend another quilter in your area, or if you decide to take it on, just know that for what ever reason, that quilt will be the one that gives you the most difficulty. I am not sure why that is, (maybe the quilt gods laughing at us?) but difficult
  11. Hello everyone - i am curious because I have a quilt with seriously friendly borders....what is your favourite "border sucker upper" design aside from bead boards (not the best choice for this particular quilt). Thanks as always,
  12. My idea of cleaning a room - is sweeping it with a glance!!
  13. Hmm, I think I don't understand what "the eye of the thread guide hole on the right side of the tensioner" is or maybe where it is.....I wound a bunch of bobbins moving the top high thread guide around in different places and didn't seem to help.....(figures that it would take 4 bobbins before I figured that one out!!) The always technologically challenged.....