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  1. Upper Midwest Machine Quilters are proud to host nationally known machine quilting teacher author, Suzanne Earley on Friday September 14. Suzanne is the author of the books Meandering Magic and More Meandering Magic. Suzanne was also recently featured in the July/August issue of Quiltmaker magazine. In which two of the featured quilts were quilted with her techniques, one by her actually. They also reviewed her books. Come and enjoy either an afternoon or evening learning Suzanne’s innovative technique based on the basic meander and the kicked up a notch or two. This quilting can be done on
  2. I have also done this, you only do it once. So you are done. From the numbers you posted, with the wide salvage this backing would not have been large enough any way. The customer would have had to have it pieced or gotten a whole new piece any way. The name of the stencil designer is Pepper Cory, I love her stuff and she is suck a great person. I had the pleasure of working with her at spring market in 2006.
  3. My ultimate 1 used to do that when my brushes in my motor were going bad. My suggestion would be to order some new brushes and install them and it should take care of your problem.
  4. Wow that is some wedding gift. you did a great job. I am glad that you got the picture thing figured out. Thanks for sharing. Di
  5. I run a club and have quilted several of these. I did the rainbow fan panto on afew, meandered one and custom on another. You couldn't see the stitshing on the custom because it is such a busy quilt. I think the panto was the best choice as it made the quilt look like it was "vintage" Sorry I am a naughty one who doesn't take enough pics so I don't have any to share. Diane
  6. Some years ago I heard a story of the quilt winning the big prize at Paducah was one that had been washed several times at that the ladies cat actually thrown up on the quilt. Now that may not be true but I do know that when I entered a quilt last summer in QOTW it was washes and then it was blocked. I did get a good comment about how nicely the quilt laid. I would not have gotten that comment without the washing and blocking.
  7. Jeanne, I just recently sold my Ultimate 1 and am now loving my new machine. When I had my Ult 1 I did all of my medium and large scale meanders at 10, for freehand work I would quilt between 8-9. Sometimes I found that I did quilt 6.5-7.5 when I did some stuff it really depended on what I was doing. I too felt that things really moved along much smoother and looked better at a higher rate of speed. I do agree that maybe you should check at the bolts and the levelness of you machine. I hope that helps some. Diane
  8. Tammie, I don't know where you are located, but there is a group that meets in Springs Texas. Check out the web site www.texaslongarm.com , I was just on the site and it sure looks like a busy group. I found this info on www.lachat.com , they have a longarm group listing forum. That is how I found the group that I meet with. DianeF
  9. Caron, I love your quilt! I also really love Suzanne's book. It really does a great job explaining doing the all over feather meander and over the top feathers. I have done several of the patterns that are in the book! You can't beat easy and looks good from the front of the machine and you can still charge the basic panto price. My customer's are loving the stuff I do from the book. I love it because I don't have to mess around with lining up the pantos. Diane
  10. Victoria, I just did a quilt with all kinds of flying geese and did them SID. It really made them pop. being the quilt in my case was made from 1880's reproductions and patterned from a quilt made in that same time period I felt that SID was the way to go. I kind of think that if this is a very traditional Baltimore album quilt it to should be SID. You need some straight line to contrast with the McTavishing you are doing. here is a pic of the quilt that I did.
  11. Judy, I forgot to mention that the quilting turned out really nice as does fit the quilt nicely! Diane F
  12. Answer to drawing on the photo! I use the paint program that came with my computer. I import the picture I saved from the original post. then I change the size to a large format and use the pencil feature to draw on the picture. Save what I have drawn and the upload as you would any other picture. Maybe not clear as mud but you get the idea, just play with your paint program. I have to say that I learned this from being on the LAChat web-site I did not come up with it on my own. Diane F
  13. How about doing CC in the colored parts of the star blocks and a fill in the light part. maybe a flower in the large part where the starts come together. You could tie those on with the outside border and do a flower out there too. Make the flowers similar to the ones in the outside border fabric. Then maybe a small leaf in the skinny border. I drew up some of what I mean. Diane F
  14. Also try www.stensource.com for some great stencils. I have several of their stencils. Some are CL and some are ones that I can just back track to use. I just purchased some of their turning 20 and cut apart sencils and can't wait to try them. Diane
  15. OK, I was also wondering what kind of batting you are using. I don't have an LQS that has minkee so I had DM pick some up at her LQS and she brought it over last weekend. She said that the ones at her LQS did not have any batting in them and they were tied. I would think that you would want csomething thin. I have airtex 50/50 cotton poly, and the 80/20 also. The 50/50 is thinner. Diane
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