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  1. I'd say Wow but I has already been used. OH, MY! What a doozy of a quilt! Now for the questions: Is that needle-turn applique or raw edge? Did you zig-zag over every little bit of the edges of applique? Is any of the color pen-and-ink or is it ALL fabric? You are such an artist!!!!
  2. It wouldn't be worth the worry and stress for me. I'd just say "no" and be done.
  3. Oh! and it is sooooo beautiful! You are such a talent!
  4. Well, thank you for this but if mine ever goes out of time I guess I will just have to throw it away. I am sure I couldn't fix it myself.
  5. Does she stitch on a Nolting? I believe she does but could be a Prodigy. I would think any suggestions should be considered within the context of the machine you drive. Kinda like a car. Mine has to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles. Hubby's says every 5,000 miles. I do agree about using only the clear oil. Don't want to gum things up! Meg, thanks for sharing!!!
  6. I got my bars from Sears on a clearance table. They were intended for auto work, I think. anyway, mine aren't as long and all as Linda's but they are so strong that I sometimes have trouble getting them off and if I walk past metal things they attach as I walk so I then have a mess on my hands. Eek!
  7. Linda, you are so darned smart! i actually bought 2 bars last year to hang my scissors on. I have used it on my bars from time to time but didn't realize it was a "tool!" Ha!
  8. When we took my Freedom down and then back up we coded everything and it was so easy to put back together. I used blue painters paint and numbered everything and put it back together in a snap! We were most careful not to bump or nick the table edges or any part of the machine head. When it was back together it was even already level. Good luck.
  9. You can also quilt quilts! That is one fine job!!!
  10. Lynn has the same ones I have!!! You will not put these scissors up and save them. You will use, use, use these scissors. The handles are made of a rubbery substance that makes them easy to hold and easy on your hands. Also, you can cut papper with them and turn around and cut fabric and you won't know the difference!!!!
  11. http://www.kaiscissors.com/ If you have never tried these scissors you are missing a treat. They are the best scissors I have ever used. The stay sharp and they clip from tip to handle. You can have them sharpened if you happen to chip them on a needle. I have the small ones that are curved for snipping and the larger ones for cutting. I buy them as gifts and every time I get rave reviews. Great price too!
  12. A few years back I had a lady call in a "panic" who needed a charity quilt done ASAP! We talked and I found out the "Charity" was her daughter's ritzy private school!!! What?? You stick to your guns, Missy, and let us know how this turns out! This is a lesson for all of us!!!!:mad:
  13. I make baby items for people on request. The real and actual name of that part of my company is "Tiny Tots and Little Snots." It is on my business cards and when I finish a baby item I attach only the "Tiny Tots gift tag on it.
  14. I love that quilt - so fun and such wonderful texture!!!! where will she be going to college?
  15. Also, I would email the person who sold you the machine. Good luck, I know it is awful to have stitching problems and don't know what to do. Blessings!
  16. Wishful thinking: 1. I could get several people to ride with me and share gas expenses. 2. Dave finds that yurt and army cots ...no, forget the cots, I have a blow up bed. 3. Classes are free 4. Crawdads go down in price Then I can afford it!!!!;) Dave, right now the crawdads are almost as expensive as buying a new machine!!!
  17. Barb, I have thought about that but it would cost me around $1300 to take that 2 day class. That seems like bunches to me. I have to see where I stand after taxes get done with me! Airfare is a killer diller. Too bad they can't farm these maintence classes out to dealer's locations. I can go to Baton Rouge or to Niceville even without a map. (Well, I would use that B**ch on the windshield!) doesn't that sound yummy?
  18. 1 -2 weeks!!!!! and then a test!!!!! I might not be smart enough to do this. I know I can't afford a hotel room for that long. Those extended stay hotels are not as expensive, however. I'd love to know enough to fix machines but I was also thinking.........we'd need to own extra machine parts to be able to replace failed parts. It could be expensive to be in the business. Still, I'd like to do it.
  19. How many of you has signed up for technical training? Dawn had mentioned folks getting certified to repair machines out in the field. I just wondered if any of you were doing that and trying to decide if I'd like to do it as well. It will end up costing a lot of money to be trained if you live far away as I do.
  20. Just don't get too close to a magnet or you will be there for awhile! Does your pin-bowl in the sewing room stick to you once in awhile?
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