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  1. Thank you for sharing these. I may not get to go to the show this year even though I'm only about 40 miles away. So thank you for letting me see some of these wonderful quilts!
  2. I had this problem with some fil tec bobbins. The problem was that the bobbin had to much thread and was dragging against the walls of the bobbin case. When you load a new bobbin look and see if it has free motion all the way around the inside of the case. If it touches anywhere, just spool off some of the thread and it should be free to go. Just a thought and something that happened to me.
  3. Wow! You handled that situation perfectly! Looks good now. I've had that happen when the block wasn't heat set properly. You get interrupted when you are working on the blocks and one gets left out of that last step. Makes you want to cry!
  4. This "Larry" is a fine looking machine.
  5. Hi, yep, I'm still in Texas, so close to Houston too. We are in Richmond. TX SW of Houston. It is raining cats and dogs here, we are under flash flood alerts. f you are coming to Houston for the Quilt Festival, be aware that the road in front of the GRB convention center is under construction and is a total mess. Check with Festival folks about parking changes.
  6. Hi Mary Beth, hated the narcotics for pain too. I've found that TENS machine helps a lot. Blocks the pain signal to your brain. Been using it since the hip replacement in 2004, it still works.
  7. I started doing longarm quilting in 2006 and have been not been making garments for myself in all that time. Just could not find the time for both of my sewing passions. But, I've lost some weight and need some new clothes. In the course of drafting new patterns for myself, I discovered that my right bicep is 2" larger than my left. Now, girls ,I want to know if your dominant arm is larger than your other one. I have some nerve damage and I don't know if the difference is from that or the longarm work. Help a sister out. Please.
  8. I will be at market and at festival. Hope to see your work there. Congratulations!
  9. Welcome back!! I haven't been around much in the last few years. Glad to see you!
  10. The machine is a Martelli La Cresta, sit down model. I was using a size 18 titanium needle. I think she may have a needle that is just a little to long for this machine. After doing some research we have switched to Groz Beckett in a 134SAN system, (I prefer a smaller needle say a 14). That batik had never been washed, didn't like the large needle holes. I guess it is just a preference thing. I'm not a big fan of the titanium needles either.
  11. Was working on a quilt with a Hoffman batik backing today. Not happy with the Oregon brand size 18 needles my employer provided for me. What would you use? In my past experience I would use a much smaller needle (like a 12 or 14) on this fabric. It is just too tightly woven and to high a thread count for the larger needles.
  12. Thanks to all of you. This is going to be quite the project. Hope I can do a good job of it.
  13. I think the motor is ok. The machine has been kept in a home and not some barn. It is a "potted" motor with the worm gear. The worst of the wiring is from the motor to the power feed and the power cord. This machine has a knee press instead of a food feed. Can any of you recommend a grease for the worm gear?
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