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  1. Well folks, life has changed again! Back in May I sold my longarm and was prepared to move (ugh, again!) and just retire and sit all by myself at home. Nope, not what God had in store for me! Got moved into the new place (our house sold in 3 days!!) and started to settle in. Been here just 6 weeks and I've found a new "quilty" home. Took a part time job there as "Artist in Residence". I'll be teaching and doing quilting. Guess my longarm career wasn't ready to die. Wish me luck, start my second week on Monday!
  2. The master piece has been painted and is waiting to be pieced together. I had so wanted to get that one done before the machine was sold. But so many things got in the way. I've painted all the blocks for my Baltimore Album quilt. The same on the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum wanted to see when it was completed. We all have dreams, and that was just a small bit of mine. The auction is over, my machine and accessories brought $6,750.
  3. The auction for my quilting studio will close on Sunday night at 7:30 pm. It is so close, I have no idea to whom or for how much the items will go for. My contact at the auction company told me they often sell things like mine internationally. It could wind up anywhere. When it's all over, I have to disassemble the quilting stand for shipment. Who will show up at the door to claim the prize? Thank goodness the auction company will handle all the money and taxes. I have no desire to tackle that job. All bidders are verified before bids are accepted. We have started packing for our move, about 1/2 done. I've sold a lot of our furniture, rugs and other household things and donated tons of stuff to charity. Hubby is a finalist for at least 5 different jobs (all over the US) and I feel like a "High Roller" in Vegas just waiting for our number to hit! This is the biggest "leap of faith" we have ever done! We have a realtor waiting in the wings to list our house for sale. That will happen when he lands a job. Then the long job of traveling to a new city, securing housing and making the move. When change this big comes into your life all you can do is take a big breath and hang on for dear life! Makes me think of that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy's house is spinning around in the tornado. I just hope the house doesn't land on us! Wish us luck. We think the final pieces will fall into place in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Then we will be on our way. I'll say one thing, being married to this man has never been dull. It's been a constant adventure. We have been together for 27 1/2 years at this point. Good thing I still love him!
  4. Thank you Heidi. (((Hug))) It is for the best. I had a scare back in September with my heart and now just seem to need a lot more rest. It is the best decision. I'm so sorry for your loss of family. And you are right about taking more time to build relationships. It is comforting to get your heart and head going in the right direction. God bless you!
  5. Thanks to all of you. I'll keep in touch. We are located in Cibolo, TX 78108 That is between San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX. For some reason I can't put the auction link here. Go to proxibid.com and search for Gammill Quilting Machine. I think I have the only one for sale there at this time. Hope this information helps. It will all be over soon. Then, life will go on. We are having to search for a new job for my husband. We will be selling our lovely home too. God be with us as we go through all of this one more time.
  6. Thank you for your good wishes. Time to put on my "big girl panties" and just do this. I may still cry at the "Sold"!
  7. Well, I've completed my last quilt on my Gammill Longarm. We have to move, again. And we have decided it is time I truly do retire. It is so hard to admit you are getting older, that your health isn't what it used to be. But, finally, I have realized I just can't do the quilting work anymore. My husband and I have decided to downsize our footprint tremendously. A couple of years ago his brother passed away rather unexpectedly. He left a bewildered widow, so deep in sorrow and grief we wondered how she would ever go on. She has struggled with letting go of all of his "big boy" toys and collectables. It seemed it tore her heart out with each item that had to go. My husband and I looked at each other in stunned disbelieve as we looked at our own state of personal holdings. He admitted he would have no idea of the value or how to dispose of my things, and me ditto for his. We didn't want either of us to have to sort through the mountain of the other should one of us pass away. A very sobering thought at the least. I am selling my longarm, all of my tools, and my stash of fabrics. I tried to sell these things myself for the past 6 months or so with no success. So in desperation I turned to an on-line auction to "dispose" of these items. At the time of this post I have 7days and 5hours until the whole lot goes to the highest bidder. Will I get a decent price on the machine? As my husband said, "At this point it just has to go. We need to move on, without this position." So if you want to see what happens, are curious about the process, or want to bid on it yourself. Here is the link to the auction. Someone is going to get a heck of a deal! It is bitter sweet, have to kiss my "Baby" goodbye. It has been so much fun. Loved meeting some of you in person. Loved talking to you here. All of you take care. Kay www.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=77553
  8. Just my way of saying, if there is a way to mess up, I've probably done it at least once!
  9. My book would be about 4" thick! I'm not telling, nope, not goanna, no way, can't make me!
  10. I like showing people my "Baby". I'm so proud of her. But I too am a messy worker and warn them that "Creativity is a messy process. And I am extremely creative!"
  11. My "Baby" is a Gammill Classic Plus, I have made homemade micro handles that attach to my light bar shade. On those I've attached a magnet and that is where my thread snips live. Easy, always right there. I've done this for so long it is just automatic. Oh, I wear the scissors on the retractable lanyard sometimes and that isn't a good idea for me. Pokes aren't fun. I forgot to take them off the other day and was on my way out to go to the bank. My hubby told me I might be in trouble if I went into the bank with them on. LOL
  12. It was just fun. I'm done with it now. Used it to practice sewing words. I liked how that looked so much I'm not planning on doing much more quilting on it. It's still on the machine so I'll take another look at it in the morning and decide what else I want to do with it. Sure did whittle down that scrap pile!
  13. I am doing an experiment, I'm piecing a scrap quilt directly on my longarm. I had so much scrap T-shirt fabric, so much batting scrap and some extra backing too. So what to do. Then I remembered talking to a lady at my longarm guild who had pieced a top directly on the longarm. So, after some 4 or 5 years later I'm trying this out for myself. One of those things you make a mental note of at the time then forget it for a long time. I loaded the back and batting. Cut 4 1/2" strips of T-shirt fabric and just sewed 3 of these together on the ends. When I had a big stack of them I just laid them down in rows on the longarm. I can get such straight lines of stitching with the channel locks on. It's looking pretty good, like colorful subway tiles. And no SITD to do at all. To quilt I'm just writing words or names in each "tile". Quick and is going to be a fun "utility" type quilt. I'm pleased with it. I'll try to post a photo when I'm done. If I can figure out how to do it. I haven't been on this forum format in ages. Old minds forget stuff. Has anyone else do this kind of quilt?
  14. Enjoyed that information very much. Will be sharing it with a new quilting friend I have here.
  15. Thanks Dawn, I can controll my replys. Just having a hard time seeing everyone elses comments.
  16. Dawn, I haven't used this forum for several months. It has been hard to use for me. I do not like the stark white background color and the text color isn't bold enough (or large enough) to realy stand out. Many of us are older and don't have the vision we had when we were young. My vision is very much less these days than even 1 or 2 years ago. It is just hard to look at. Try a soft background color and a higher contrast text color. It would help me and I'm sure it would be better for many "older eyes". Kay
  17. Just a vivid reminder of the risk we take by not washing fabric before we sew it up! I've learned the hard way not to skimp on this vital step. Yes, it is a pain, but the best way is to do it when you purchase your fabrics and then put a note on it as "Needle Ready". Educate your customers on this risk as well. NO fabric goes into my "Needle Ready" storage without the full treatment!
  18. Hi Janiece! Hope you are all settled in at your new place. How do you like it? Post us some shots of your new studio!
  19. Finished up the quilting on my grandson's (Lukas) quilt. Just got a new computer (my old one died) so I've been trying to get all my software loaded up on it. Wow, it is so much faster than my old one. I still need to take the quilt off my frame and get the binding on it. Guess that will be my job for tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and I'll try to post some pictures of it. I haven't left the house at all for the past 4 days!!
  20. Patty Jo, love your quilting! I'm late to the party to, no quilting yesterday. Spent the day waiting for the GE repair man to fix my microwave. He came, and the light still doesn't work! So we have to do this again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Some days just don't go well.
  21. Cheri, that's what friends are for! None of us will ever get through this life without those periods of extreme distress. You are loved and supported here, it's what all of us need. Praying for you and all your family. May God bless and keep you all.
  22. Great quilting! That thread just sets if off.
  23. Another great place for a donation of fabric is your local 4H chapter! I gave a lot of stuff to ours in Kansas before we moved back to Texas. The county extention service is a good place too. Never waste what can still be usefull!
  24. I have one like this on my frame right now too. It is turning out well.
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