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  1. Please refer to my web-site. www.threadtrails.com The directions for making and useing my stencils are free for download. Let me know how it works for you. To keep the chalk from rubbing off I sprayed very lightly with hairspray. The nice thing is, if some does rub off you have the stencils at the ready and it isn't hard to remark at the machine. Much easier than tracing!
  2. I am impressed!!! WOW!!! My hubby and I see the pocket parks of Savannah, GA. so how about "Savana Square"?
  3. Do not fear! I "No touchy" with color! I am going to show the quilt at MQS this year. Then we will be raffling it off. I'll let you all know. Bonnie warned me it might be a lot smaller when I got all the finish work done. It's now completly finished and measures 86 inches square. (I had given myself a lot of room on the sides to make sure the tensions stayed ok and to practice unfamiliar elements). It looked so big to start with, but I think I'm pleased with the size it turned out. This quiilt just got me fired up to try a real Trapunto quilt. I contacted Karen McTavish about selling the layout, but she hasn't given me an ok to do that. Copy right again, oh well.
  4. So sorry to hear of your devistating loss,....give your sorrow to God, our prayers are with you and all the family.
  5. WOW, I love it! You did an amazing job on the quilting. She will treasure it forever!
  6. I have contacted Karen McTavish about selling a layout, and maybe stencils. She said she has to talk to her publisher about this as it would be a copyright issue. The designs are Karens but I did the layout. I love it, I'm ok on the copyright for my personal use, but we'll have to wait and see if her publisher will grant permission. I've decided to enter in in MQS next year. Hope it wins a prize. But mostly I'm just proud of my work and want folks to see it.
  7. Good Job! Your confidence will come in time. You are doing great!
  8. Welcome Chris!! Great support here, you'll love it!
  9. May God hold you all in his healing light. Hugs and prayers for all Barb, Leah, family, and friends.
  10. LOL, after a bad nights sleep, waking up to all your fun and laughter is a delight!! Long live "Humor"
  11. God be with you in this difficult time. Hold your memories close, spend time in prayer. (((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))
  12. Love your new toy!!! Can we have a "play date"??? LOL
  13. LOL I like your weekend to do list!!! Add, "Breath Deep"!!!
  14. Hi Linda, The motifs are by Karen McTavish, the arrangement is by me. I did the layout in AutoCad, (I was and engineering tech in my working days). I can resize this design very easily and yes I could print it for you at the desired size. I don't know here, do we need to get permission from Karen? I make my own stencils and that's what I did here. The marking was very fast and easy with them. No tracing required. If you want the pattern send me an e-mail. I'm sure we can work something out. You couldn't print out the pattern unless you had AutoCad. But I can, and I could make the marking stencils for you as well.
  15. Very good advice from all of you. I'll see how big it is after it's washed and all the finish work is done. We do love it. My son is only 28 years old. He has MS, and he has a wife and four little children to support. He is such a fine young man, and we are so very proud of him. It is my aim to do what I can to help him. It is so expensive to treat MS and he was stretched to the limit before he got sick. It is important to get as much for the quilt as I can. My DH said he would not want to see it go for to little money, we want to make a difference for him. We would just give him money, but DH lost his job, lay off, a few weeks ago and we don't know yet what's going to happen on that front. Oh well, God will provide. Love all the support form all of you on the forum, it's great to have friends.
  16. It's big, I've never had a quilt in any show. Is King size too big to show?
  17. Thank you!! I'm not going to color it. My DH says "NO WAY". And he wants me to put it in a show too. I wanted to sell it, to make money for my son, I didn't start out to do a show quilt. Maybe it will attract a buyer after it's in a show or two. I hope so, my son needs a little financial breathing room. I'll put that decision in God's hands, finish it up and go from there. I do like it, it's the best thing I've ever done. I can allways sell it later and give the money to James. I love all you gals, thanks for your wonderful comments. It is so good to have this forum to share our love of quilting. And all the wonderful personal things we share too. Aren't quilters a great bunch of people!
  18. Shana, I know you made GOD smile, you acted in a very pleasing manner to our Creator!! Love you girl!
  19. I did mark it with a very light blue chalk before putting it on the machine. I had sized all of the motifs in AutoCad first, then printed them out. I used my stencil tech. to make the stencils. The 10 days included marking the quilt and stitching all the motifs and the backgrounds. No, I didn't get to quilt all day on any of those days, averaged 4 hours per day. I have never done that much background on a quilt in my life. I'll tell you the pebbles were the hardest, made my eyes so tired. Mostly though it was fun, I finally relaxed and just let myself play and fill in the spaces I made in the background. The poof is from useing a high loft batting. I do want to do trapunto and this was a warm up to see if I could follow such a complicated design or get tired of it before I finished. I think my trapunto will be a little simpler. What do you ladies think of adding some color to it? Or would you just leave it alone? I realy do want your opinion.
  20. This is a cheater cloth quilt I made up for my DSL. I think it turned out great. I have some of the fabric I would be willing to sell if any of you want it.
  21. Ok girls, I got my DH (wo is an amazing man and photogapher) to get me some better photos. I've choosen the best of the lot to show you. It is huge, now on my King size bed upstairs. I still have to trim, bind, wash and block it. What do you think girls? Should I add some color to it like Irena Bluhm did on her bug quilt?
  22. I did a jpeg of the design, changed the background to white. Oh, boy, hope this gives a better look at my design.
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