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  1. There is a very cute story that goes with this quilt. And the reason the first in a series of 4 quilts for my grandchildren, is for Logan. He is 7yrs. old. When he was born, I made him a quilt and hand quilted it. It has been his "blanky" since birth. (The only quilt I have ever hand quilted and the last). Then a few years later, when I got my Gammill, I made each of my 5 GC a quilt for Christmas one year. So fast forward to this year. One night, a couple of months ago, my son is putting Logan to bed. And this precious child looks up at James and asks, "Daddy, did I ever thank Grandma for my grandma hugs (that's what the kids call those quilts) when she gave them to me?" My son told him no, he didn't think so, because Logan sas an infant when he got the first one and only 2 when he got the second one. At that point little Logan told his daddy, "Well, I need to call my Grandma and thank her for my Grandma hugs, I love them so!" So the next evening I get a call from James, "Hi, I have a couple of little boys here that want to talk to you". Then Logan get's on the phone and says, "Grandma, I wants to thank you for mys grandma hugs. Buts I need some new ones, theys getting old, like me!" Then the next older child, Luke, get's on the phone and says, "Grandma, thank you for my grandma hug too, but I want a new one too, can you put sharks on it?" Love those little guy, who could resist!
  2. The picture blocks are all hand painted, by me. Mostly the Tsukineko inks. I got a set for my BD and I'm just getting a feel for useing them.
  3. As you all know I love fabric painting. Today I attended a new store opening for Micheals. While checking out the store I saw a new coloring tool. It is called the Cut-n-Dry pen nib. I bought the holder (it comes with two nibs) and a pack of 10 nibs. You'll find these in the scrapbooking area with the stamp pad stuff. I got a set of the Tsukineko inks for my BD last month. Wasn't loving the results either (don't like the fantasticks). Anyway, ladies the above mentioned pen nibs do the trick for me. Very high quality nib, like a felt tip pen. The nibs and holder are from Ranger Ink. Check them out. You can wash them off and reuse too! Now what could be better than that! If you have trouble controlling a brush, this is the product for you! http://rangerink.com/?prod_name=Craft+Nibs+and+Holder&prod_cat=craft-nibs-and-holder
  4. My heart aches for you! Prayers for you and your family. God know's your needs, keep the faith.
  5. Some folks just have a "Natural Talent". You are one of those "Lucky" folks. Thank God for your talent, use it and be happy. You have many ribbons in your future. I love your quilt! Very beautiful.
  6. Thank you all for your kind encouragment. Time will tell, my Mom says. If it is ment to be it will be. I had a good run in Kansas. Paid for my machine and made a lot of friends, (all of whom I miss very much). This forum is a place I come to for help and support and you'll never let me down. I'm going to go quilt some now. Love you all!
  7. Thanks, I do all of that. Maybe I just need to pray about it some more. I'm sure God has his own plans for me.
  8. I moved here (Cibolo, TX) from Kansas over 2 years ago. I've done all the things I did in KS to start my business there. I was very suscessful there. It hasn't worked here. Maybe there are to many Longarmers here for the market to bear another one. I don't have a computer guided machine. All my work (and I admitt I love the custom stuff) is hand guided. It is heart breaking to me that I'm not reestablishing my business, I loved it so. And now my husband is pressuring me to sell my longarm and return the money I gave for it to our retirement account. I don't want to do that!! I just got it payed off! As I said, just fustrated! I know tops are made here, my guild has 225 members!! I was born and raised in Texas, but I'm not feeling the "friendlyness" I remember form my younger days. I'm not an "outsider", just didn't expect it to be a problem.
  9. I'm getting a sneaky feeling I may never have any business again. I've noticed a lot of talk on-line from people not wanting to pay a longarmer for our services. And lots of information offered, free, on how to quilt large quilts on a DSM. I guess I'm just discouraged. Have any of you noticed this reluctance from piecers to use a longarm quilter?
  10. Your Prayer warriors are on the job! Keep us updated, hope you are up and quilting again soon.
  11. Look for my stencil tech. on my website. http://www.threadtrails.com/
  12. I use pre-design to do this. Works great!
  13. If there is a question on color for the back I use clear or smoke monopoly.
  14. Learn to say "No". When you need to rest, do it! If anyone questions you on your response, invite them to live in your condition for a few years! If you need medications to function, take them and don't ever feel bad about it. My son has MS, I and my husband have Fibromyalgia, it doesn't show and people often don't understand.
  15. Beyond amazing! Breathtaking....I am humbled by the work of you both!
  16. Hi Lyn, no I haven't tried those. I'm up for a "art supply" shopping trip, so I'll be on the lookout for those.
  17. I have the hardest time posting photos! The very dark flower is how the ink went on without the aloe vera gel, not good. I got the gel and started to use it with all the rest. Please note the sharp pen lines at the lower left corner of this scan. This is the area I inked with a pen over the dryed aloe vera gel. Nice and sharp, no bleeding. I'm still not to happy with the blue feather wreath. The edge is rough, I may have to use a mask to get that as sharp as I want. The butterfly is pretty good. Practice makes perfect and it's evident I need a lot more practice with this medium!
  18. a href=" title="tmp3EB by Kamama710, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8012/7508410054_d7d43b2711.jpg" width="495" height="500" alt="tmp3EB"></a>
  19. Hi all, the inking is going better, something of a learning curve here. I did discover an interesting little trick. I'd had problems with my detail pens bleeding, so with a brain flash, I decided to just coat my design in the aloe gel and let it dry. I came back this morning to ink in a detailed area with just the clear, dryed gel on it and guess what. It didn't bleed!! Yeah!!! I'm still having difficulty getting the sharp detail I want with the Tsukineko Inks. Like I said, a bit of a learning curve. The fabric does feel nice and soft after the ink application. I'm looking forward to finishing up this piece and compairing it to the fabric paint ones I did. News at 11:00!
  20. Thanks to all of you! It's funny that I forgot about Patti, we were in a guild together in Kansas. It has been two years since I moved from there, but she is so nice I'm ashamed I didn't think to contact her! I'll get to Wal Mart today for the aloe vera gel and I'll let you know how that works for me. Just as an update. My blocks for the painted Baltimore Album are completed. I did them with plain old fabric paints and I do love how they turned out. But, I'm always looking for new art mediums to try. I'll be peicing my Baltimore Album over the next few days and hope to get it on the frame soon.
  21. Bummer! Just got a set of the Tsukineko Inks (bottles not pens). I must not be doing it right, not happy with my efforts. Can anyone out there offer any pointers? They bleed! Do I need to apply them like you do with silk painting? Ringed with a resist? HELP!!!
  22. Suzie, it isn't whining, just a statment of fact. We all have days that go like this. It just happens, as quilters we are expected to be able to do anything our customers can dream up. If they only knew how hard that can be sometimes. I've had some impossible requests...we all get them.
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