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  1. Love your quilting! This is such a pretty top. I hope she gets to use it for a long time yet.
  2. I would be sure to wash and dry this fabric. Because of the loose weave it will tighten it a bit and make the cutting and sewing easier....helps with the lint problem too.
  3. I just love this quilt! I need to make this for my grandsons! Great job!
  4. Thank you all for your prayers. It is so difficult to watch an mountain of a man, 6'-3" and all muscle go down so fast. He had a very rare auto immune diease. He just faded away. No pain, Thank God! He was in the hospital for 13 days. Had been going down for about 3 months. He had Dermatomyositis, it is one of a group of muscle diseases known as the inflammatory myopathies, which are characterized by chronic muscle inflammation accompanied by muscle weakness. It just overhelmed his entire body. I had never seen or even heard of this diease, it was brutal.
  5. We are very sad to have lost my husbands brother this morning. He was only 49 years old! He will be greatly missed. Such a wonderful man.
  6. What a cutie! Hope he makes John smile and laugh and play for hours!
  7. So sorry ladies! I will never use a hotel wireless connection again!
  8. Thanks to Kristina for the info that I had been hacked. We were away on a trip and this is what I come home to! I've changed all my passwords so if you keep getting junk form me let me know.
  9. Thanks Bonnie for the info. I have an old security system camera and monitor set up that I'm going to play with. Such a good idea!
  10. May God hold you in his loving light, may he hear our earnest prayers for healing. Love will surround you and your husband, be assured of our prayers on behalf of you both. May you find Peace, Love and God's healing light. K
  11. A photo of the camera mount would do a world of good. Please??
  12. I hate those loose weave backings too! But, if you are forced to use it, try changing to a smaller needle and a fine thread. I've used this combination with success. Try a little and see how it reacts.
  13. Just posted another block section. See the thread about the Baltimore Album quilt.
  14. One more teaser then I'll stop untill I'm done. Just loved how this one turned out.
  15. Yes it is fun to be creative. This is one of my favorite places to share my work. Everyone is so interested and supportive! Thanks a million to all of you for sharing my interests in art and quilting. Such a community is wonderful, even if we are spread all over the Earth!!
  16. Beverly, Cibolo is about 23 miles East of San Antonio, TX on I 35. The class I've been teaching is a free one at the public libaray in Schertz (about 2 miles away). The San Antonio area is a blast to visit!But if you come to visit, I'll give you a personal tutorial. Linda, I hope you feel better soon. It helps to keep the mind and hands occupied, works for me anyway. Kay
  17. Sure Kath, Plaid Paints has one (Hobby Lobby), it is very liquid and leaves the fabric just a little krispy. Delta Ceramcoat (Hobby Lobby)has a great textile medium, it is very creamy, love the way this feels on the fabric as I paint and it leaves the fabric pretty soft. I also like the Golden GAC 900 (Herwicks Art Supply, San Antonio, you can get it online to), it is a thiner liquid and works very well. You will just have to try a couple to see what you like the best. You can mix them to get the density you like best. All of us have a preference for bursh work. I like the Ceramcoat TM best with the Inktense pencils.
  18. I'm useing the Baltimore Beauties and Beyond ( I &II) books by Elly Sienkiewicz. I like her primative art style and wanted the whole quilt to be consistent in approach. Most of this block was done with the Inktense pencils activated with a Textile Medium ( I'm useing a couple of different ones). Then after they are dry I do heat set them. Sometimes I like a little "glitz" in the mix so I'm useing some liquid acrylic inks and some metalics too. I did discover that those paints do better if you overlay them with the textile medium after they are dry and before heat setting. It acts as an abbrasion barrier and keeps the glittery stuff secure. The acrylic inks are sorta thin and don't have the same adheasion power as the paints. I just finished teaching my second class at a local libaray on Fabric Painting. It's fun, I hope my students will develope a love for this tech. I sure have.
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