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  1. I recently had the same problem. Backing was black Moda. Front had a lot of dark colors. I used black batting and black thread. Lots of white pokies on back. The only white in the quilt was the back side of the Moda backing.
  2. this is what stitching looks like. I think it is very noticible
  3. Has anyone had minkee coming through stitches from back side to front. Customer brought pieced top and minkee back. I used thermore batting and stitches looked horrible with pokies of minkee in nearly all the stitches. I know it was minkee because thread was yellow both top and bobbin an tension was great when going through black pieces on top. Changed needles from 18 to 16 to 20 and no difference.
  4. DeLoa's quilt shop sells them for 15.00, look for roller clips. Quilters apothecary also carries them. They call them longarm tension clamps
  5. I really like the Eversewn Sparrow 30. Put it in my xl tutoo and have tons of space left for rulers, cutting mat, lots of fabric in my Iris boxes and there's still space left. Jeanne
  6. I have a quilt that has a black back and front is light browns and tans with farm themed panels. I am unsure what color of thread to use. I usually match top and bobbin threads and try to match backing but I don't think black top thread would really distract from the panels and if I use light thread on top I am afraid if I have any tension issues the top thread would really show up on the backing. Just wondering what others do with this kind of quilt. Customer wants custom so that means lots of starts and stops. Help!!
  7. My last 4 customers have asked for big allover patterns and puffy batting. They don't want tight quilting or custom, just want them done as gifts and don't want to spend lots of money, They say price of fabric is more than they like to pay and want to keep cost down, especially for donation quilts. Also local quilt shop has set up a longarm rental service and some are going that way, saying they want to do the whole quilt start to finish.
  8. I have a customer quilt coming in 120 inches square and she wants puffy batting. I have IQ and APQS freedom and was wondering if I will have trouble by the time I get to the end if I will be getting obstruction messages with that much bulk rubbing on the rollers or machine bed. Thank. Jeanne
  9. I have the turbo bobbin winder and am having problems with it. After bobbin is about half full the winder slows down to almost a stop without filling the bobbin.I have loosened the tension knob but it still slows down. I don't want to burn it out but don't know what to do besides loosening the knob. Any suggestions? I have used several different threads, So fine, bottom line, glide, all with same results. Thanks Jeanne
  10. I can't seem to upload pictures here but I can on flickr. If you search flickr, then people, then jeanne e1 they should show up. Jeanne
  11. Nolting Pro purchased new in 2013. Comes with lots of extras including rulermate table for rulerwork,Nolting bobbin winder, dead bar brackets,town bobbin gauge for M size bobbins,hydraulic lift, 5 extra bobbin cases, 100 M size bobbins, lots of circle lord long boards for queen size quilts, basic circle lord setup for medallions,etc., several quilt ez and R &S boards, several partial boxes of filter M bobbins. Located in NE Iowa. Buyer responsible for moving. Email me at eilers12@aplinecom.net I have pictures but don't know how to attach them. If interested I will send them in email. Thanks Jeanne
  12. I am selling my 2013 Nolting Pro 24 purchased in 2013 for 10,000.00. Comes with lots of extras including rulermate table for ruler work, Nolting bobbin winder, dead bar brackets, towa M bobbin gauge, hydraulic lift, 5 extra bobbin cases, 100 M size bobbins, Lots of circlelord long boards, basic circlelord setup with medalion templates, several Quilt EZ boards and R&S boards, several partial boxes of filtec M magnetic bobbins. I am located in NE Iowa. Buyer is responsible for moving. Email me for pictures as I don't know how to post to the forum. Jeanne ( eilers12@alpinbecom.net)
  13. I have a nolting 24 pro 3 yrs old . Had IQ but transferred it to my APQS. will sell with Circle lord set up with long boards and many pattern boards from rns and quilt ez. located in NE Iowa ph 563-252-1994
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