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  1. I use Hobbs 80/20 in my minkee top and bottom quilts. I don't load with salvages to the leaders either, I load with the cut ends. Just don't stretch it, but I use minkee a lot, like 50 minkee quilts last year! I think I have figured it out and what works for me. Shirley
  2. You should join us, we promise not to bite! Shirley
  3. Last I heard the corner with borders wasn't fixed yet. I have done borders all the way across top and bottom, turned quilt and the did what was the sides, butting up to the all the way across ones and it looks fine. I know it was on the list of things to work on. They were recommending putting a separate motif in the corner to handle it for now, but I have just done it the other way. What I have found is by just playing on quilts and learning as I go, but some days are longer than others. Shirley
  4. You can contact me and I can maybe answer your questions. Karen Wheeler and Angela Clark also, as well as Angela Huffman. Thread Waggle blog is helpful, she posts weekly, except she isn't doing it in December. I plan on writing a better one in January. In answer to the question you did ask, yes there is a manual, I found it pretty basic, and if you stop halfway thru a quilt, you can shut down and start where you left off the next day. I don't think that is in the manual, but I can help you with that. They are still adding things and improving the system and there is a priority list they are adding them. I have found it worth my investment especially this rush season. I was able to quilt customer quilts and piece quilts at the same time. Shirley
  5. Well glad you got it fixed. Sometimes it's the littlest things. We have all done it. Shirley
  6. Oh and I have done this and checked and rechecked to find I had put the needle in backwards. Shirley
  7. Have you tried turning you needle a little bit. Put a flower head pin in the eye of the needle and turn to 35 minutes. Has this started with a new pack of needles? Is it a different brand or color needle from what you used previously, I'd chrome over gold. If after checking all this, check your needle depth. If it is not that you shouldn't have to do a full on retime, just check where and how hard the hook is kissing the needle, you just may have to loosen the screws and adjust the hook in or out a smidge to remedy it. Watch the timing video to see how and where it is supposed to kiss the needle. It could be as simple as you got different needles. Shirley
  8. APQS understand the wording like the thingy hooked to the whatchamacallit. I think they have heard it all. Shirley
  9. I'm still sporting a black toenail and a bruise on the top of my foot from them. Just don't forget they are there they can jump off if you roll the quilt. And yes I will still use them. Shirley
  10. I don't know why you couldn't but I doubt it will fit through most doors assembled. You would have to be extremely careful tying it down. It is an easy assembly process. I would just take the rails off as you have to remove 2 to get the head off anyway. Then take the rails off and transport the rails in one piece then the legs. That only about 7 pieces plus the plexiglass table. Just put bolts etc in ziplock baggies and label them with a marker on painters tape. Hopefully you are getting the manual with it and assembly is detailed in it. Don't forget to level your machine once you get it in place and it might take a while to find the right height for you unless it has hydraulic lift. It is easy I put mine up with very minimal help. Enjoy Shirley
  11. I also have the vanishing design wall. I want one bigger tho.
  12. Hey ladies did you know about the classes being offered in St. George in Sept. I have 2 classes scheduled with Marilyn Badger on the long arm and they are also having long arm classes with Pam Clerk and Cory Allender. They can be found at www.terylloy.com or call Lets Quilt in St George. They are in conjunction with the Utah State Quilt Guild Classes and quilt show. I think I overbooked myself but oh well. Hopefully the construction in the gorge wont be too bad. I will be traveling from Mesquite daily. Shirley
  13. I have one of their cutting tables and love it. The rotary cutter is just as a backup as it is rigged together. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another cutting table but not anything else. I watched the demo but thought about it and decided not to get it. Shirley
  14. Okay, I have the puzzle piece matts in my entire sewing/quilting room as I have painted cement. For those of you that have them on carpet or that keep coming apart do the following. Flip them over so the back side that you want on the floor is up, put a short piece of duct tape across the seam to hold them together. In the rug department at Walmart they sell anti slip grip stuff for rugs on the roll and it sticks to the bottom of rugs. Try putting a piece all around the ouside edges and mabe a piece in the middle of the puzzle pieces and you should have problems even getting those little suckers to move to adjust them. Hope this helps. Shirley
  15. Look at is as buying a new car. Test drive each one you can get to. Make a list of what you like and don't like from each machine. Don't get in a hurry. After you have drove a few machines narrow it down to 2 or 3, sounds like you already have. Attend a show over several days and keep test driving. The one you keep going back to the most is the one you want. Some people like Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or whatever, just like APQS, Gammil, HQ, etc. It is all a personal preference and it is a large and nerve ending experience. I got more jitters of this purchase than a new car. Everyone will tell you theirs is the best, because it is a personal preference. One you keep going back to that one, quiz them on their service and who is nearest to you!!! This is really helpful if you like two equally. If you like them equally go for customer service and support. Personal opinion here folks. Shirley
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