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  1. The only part not done with Quilt Path was the ditch work.
  2. Larger needle, loosen top tendon, check bobbin tension using spider test, give your hook assembly a WD49 bath, blow her out and oil. A little piece of lint can create havoc.
  3. I have happily used MQBM for years, but I also do shows and use my iPad or Android tablet at shows. MQBM only works on my laptop which is a pain to tote around and I'm afraid of something happening to it as its my main computer. Does anyone have Quick Books set up to do per sq in pricing, etc like MQBM. Since im not far into the year now would be the time to switch as it will work on all the devices. I don't want to make the investment if it won't do what I need. I know you can import square information which is what I use for charges. Any advice would be appreciated. Shirley
  4. Hi installed the ones linked above! I love mine! Easy install, the worst part was removing the fluorescent bulb as hubby tweeted it. 10 minutes tops! Shirley
  5. Just installed my new light and it was easy peasy and I love it! http://www.mcautomationinc.com/led2
  6. We have been told that the no see is coming, just not when. As with any new system their is a learning curve, but I love my quilt path. I know nothing about the other system. Shirley
  7. I have used square for a couple of years now. I have been absolutely satisfied with it. Had no issues at all. Shirley
  8. Piece your next quilt by running it with your other foot. I have seen scooters that you put your knee on, maybe after a few weeks you can get one of them. Just throwing a few ideas out there. You probably won't want to do much of anything for a week. Read a good book and draw and design your next quilt, doodle. Shirley
  9. Hubby has snow mobiles, motorcycles and enjoys working on motors, machining and welding parts. He has his shop or garage out back I have the basement. I don't ask what he spends on parts, he don't ask what I spend on quilting. Mine us a business, his is a hobby for now I guess. My business also contributes to his hobby and vice versa. You have to have something you love. Shirley
  10. I'm in Rock Springs Wy. If you want yo come play with my Quilt Path you are more than welcome to. I have it on a 2002 Millenium non bliss. You can email me any questions at slowseth@msn.com. I'm not a rep just a satisfied customer. Shirley
  11. Sorry to say, but the people that touch a machine and are immediately wonderful quilters are few and far between. It takes practice, and I hate yo say, but we are our own worse critics. It takes some time to find your niche, some like pantos others custom and others freehand. Some like it all. It takes time, however it is a solitary business. I recommend music, audio books and getting together to see with friends. Do not totally isolate yourself. Shirley
  12. They have some older machines out for sale from APQS or they did. Shirley
  13. By the time I get my house cleaned it's time to start over. I took a break too, but not a restful one. But have a new grandchild yo show for it. Bad for the poor customer that had a quilt on my frame, she most definitely is getting a good discount. She has been very understanding. Shirley
  14. Differdnt thread combinations require tweaking. I run mostly super bobs, some magna glides and an occasional self wound. I have the most trouble with self wounds. I run super bobs with lava, so fine, glide and the majority of the other lines, unless I have matching magna glides to my glide cones. I have a separate bobbin case for each application. Also if the bobbin case has been dropped it will cause issues. My first go to is clean bobbin case, then try a new one. They do not last forever. Shirley
  15. I actually learned on my friends HQ16, it's the right machine for her but I wanted other things that I got with APQS. It is funny you mention your boat. I got my Longarm bu my husband and son wanting new snowmobiles. I said fine, you two can get new machines, but 3 have to be sold. They have several each. 6 months later we still had all the machines plus the two new ones, husband said buy your Longarm and leave my toys alone. Oh we won't count motorcycles or 4 wheelers either. Nov all of them I yave 1 four wheeler.
  16. It is like buying a car. You have to find the right fit for you in your price range. Shirley
  17. I installed mine by myself, took a couple of hours. Love it, I do custom as well as edge to edge. Their is a work around for the no see area, but that feature is coming. I purchase all my designs from a different computer and transfer designs via USB stick. I don't use my tablet for anything but quilt path. I really do like my system and it was well worth the money. I liked the fact that the machine manufacturer supported both the machine and computer system. There are numerous videos on Quilt Path. But if you need more information, feel free to contact me. Shirley
  18. Thanks guys. Just thought I would share, it is far from perfect, but the client was happy! If you can set 4 points or a triangle you can do it. Shirley
  19. This quilt was done 100% with quilt path.
  20. I use the front roller bar. After use they loosen up. I wouldn't heat them, they may melt. Shirley
  21. No Quilt Path is not your only option. Any system has a learning curve and I don't regret my Quilt Path one bit. I got it before they got a few quirks figured out, and they update whenever they or a user finds one. There are a couple more things coming that will be added and existing owners get all the updates. Especially since they are the users want list. For the price it can't be beat. I am happy with the support and customer service from APQS so I wanted to stay with their system for continuity. I'm sure others will chime in on their option, I know Dave and DeLoa Jones developed one
  22. It is a terrier thing, Spoiled and we don't have pets they have humans, we open the door, play and everything else when they want.
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