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  1. Very well done! Beautiful. Good choice of design.
  2. I bought a Freedom, never having used one. I took classes from Jamie Wallen and Deloa Jones. The best classes I have ever had. No other classes have helped me in comparison. They were, pretty much, lectures and drawing, but we did have a little hands on. I came home and practiced, practiced, practiced. I do a lot of custom. I, also, do pantographs but I love the custom. The feeling of having accomplished good custom quilting on a quilt is so great. . I don't have a computer and at this point in my life I probably won't buy one. So many of my quilting friends think the design work comes naturally to me. It may for some but for me I practiced a lot. Just drawing on paper or anything that you can draw on is an immense help. The folks on this Forum have been a great help when I get stuck or have a question. I bought the longarm before I had ever made a quilt. I say go for it. But be sure to practice. If you can draw it you can quilt it and the quilting is easier! Good Luck. janice
  3. Do you do mostly pantographs or custom work with the Bliss table? Is it easier to one than the other? How does it work for you doing custom? I may try one at Paducah. THANKS, Janice
  4. I am quilting wholecloth with large sections of it to be cross hatched. What do I do when I stop in the middle of the cross hatching area to roll the quilt. Do I need to tie thread off or can I make a few small stitches and not knot? The quilt is for me but I want it to look nice. Thanks
  5. I had this problem. The stitch regulator needed to be tightened just a little.
  6. Hi Sheila, I do the borders as I go. The quilt seems to lay better. It keeps everything flowing more evenly. If I am doing curvy feathers in the border, I draw the curved lines in before I load the quilt. If the feathers are to be in a straight line, I usually do that line as I advance the loaded quilt. I take a picture of my first two corners or diagram them on paper (after I have quilted them) so I will know what they look like when I get to the other end of the quilt and I can repeat the same design on that end. Sometimes I forget to do that and have to unroll back to the first corners to see what I did! I hope this helps. Jan
  7. I haven't posted for ages. I made this in a class. Thought it ugly so it was fun to quilt. I figured I couldn't ruin it since it was already ugly. Teacher will be surprised I finished it. I was her worst student, Teacher had me for two classes. She was ready for a stiff drink when she finished with me.
  8. I lost the little spring or whatever that little thing in the bobbin is. Can I buy it at a sewing machine store or is it unique to apqs? Also, I am using wool batting in the quilt and am using a small piece of the batting to remove the chalk marks. It works better than other battings or anything I have used to remove the chalk and Bohn pencil marks. thanks, Janice
  9. The backing of a quilt, given to me by a customer, has selvage edges on both sides . This is not the edge that will be fastened to the leaders. Do I need to remove them. I have about 3" fabric on each side. Thanks, Janice
  10. I thought I had posted a reply but I don't see it. If this is a duplicate--so be it. I am experiencing the same problem with my Freedom. It is very hard to move the machine over certain areas of the quilt. I had this problem a couple of years ago and APQS replaced my M&M wheels. It was O:K unil recently. I am having the same problem. We have checked the level of the table , the height and width. I clean the machine rails daily hoping that will help. My arms and shoulder hurt from pushing & pulling the machine. I was going to address this problem today. Thank you for doing this. I am anxious to hear a solution. Janice
  11. I will be happy to hear the answer to your problem as I , also, am experiencing the same thing. It is really hard to move the machine over certain areas of the quilt. I struggle with it. My shoulder and arms hurt . I have a Freedom, 12ft. table. I had the problem a couple of years ago and APQS replaced my M&M wheels. That worked until recently and It is happening again. We have checked for level of table, width of table, anything interfering with movement. We even tried adjusting the wheels. Thanks for bring up this subject . I was going to do that today. Janice
  12. Very nice. Love the quilting design you developed for the quilt. IT IS DO PERFECT.
  13. Janice


    Very nice, I am sure she will love it.
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