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  1. I asked for help in doing theses quilts. I am happy with the resuls. You gave very good advice. I appreciate all of the help you give on the Forum. I had fun doing them but was nervous all of the way. I am not sure I am cut-out to do quiltig for others. I get much satisfaction when I get see them finished. I haven't posted for several years, so I hope this works. I hope you can see the quilts. Thanks, Janice https://www.flickr.com/photos/abbygirl1/sets/72157647265471004/
  2. Are there good books on "how to mark a quilt "? I work very hard on design, layout and marking. I can,easily spend a day or more figuring out a design and how it will fit, a day or more putting the design on paper. Transfering the design to the quilt is another day, This isn't even a small or tedious design. I love the finished look but I want a better method, easier and less time consuming. Do you have any ideas or is there a book or books that have good information about designing and marking a quilt? Thanks, Janice
  3. SOMEHOW,I hit the wrong spot on my tablet and got prematurely posted. To continue, I sometimes do the border of the area of the first section first, then continue with quilting that area. I pin around all of the blocks to keep them nice and square. I do this as I advance the quilt to a new area. I don't do the whole border of the quilt first--I do it as I quilt down the quilt. Does this make any sense to you? Maybe others have a better way.
  4. To follow up on your question as to what order to quilt. I quilt the borders as I go. SOmetim
  5. I knew someday I was going to get a redwork quilt to quilt. It has happened. I have two quilts to do, one small, one large. I have a few questions. Do you know of a website I can go to to see some finished redwork quilts? Also, if you have done one (or more) can you give me some pointers? She is putting them in a show. I have said I won't do quilts for shows, but here I am with two to do. The designs are fairly large with lots of flowers and trees. I know I will have to quilt into the design. . I would prefer to do as little as possible in the design, just enough to keep it in place
  6. The needle on my Millie continues to go up and down when I have tried to stop stitching. It does not stop with any of the controls on the handles. It does not pick up thread when doing this. It happens at the beginning of stitching or when I am finished with an area and want to stitch elsewhere. I can't move the head because the needle continues to go up and down. Sometimes it stops on it's own or I have to turn off the maachine. Help;!! Janice
  7. I do have M&M wheels. How do I get a "grounding kit.?
  8. I have been quilting a baby quilt--so it is small. My Freedom stalls-stops. This happened at leat 25 times while I was quilting the quilt. It stalls in either manual or stitch regulator mode. The light stays on. I touch the contol buttons and it starts stitching again. It will start up imediately when I hit the controls. It stiches nicely until it stalls. Do you have any ideas to fix my machines (rest periods)? Thanks, Janice
  9. How do you know when to change the needle on your Longarm? I have sewed several small quilts. I can't remember when I last changed the needle. It sews fine with no popping, bearding or breaking of thread. I do mostly custom work so I have gone through several bobbins. Thanks Janice
  10. My first raw edge applique was a quilt from a lady in my guild. When she showed it to me I asked, "who is sewing all of this down?" She said, "you are." I was new at longarming and didn't want to sound dumb so I said "O.K." It wasn't too hard. I practiced a litle first. She loved it and has gone on to win several awards with the quilt. If I can do it so can all of you!!. I keep a little iron handy and if there is ( and there always is) pieces loose, I press it down as I go. You have to be careful not to get too close the edge of the appliqued piece because it will fray the edges. I used gold m
  11. I have allowed several friends play on my machine; just try it out as you do at a show. All went well. Another friend came and wanted to try it out. After much instruction and demo by me she took hold of the handles, stepped on the floor pedal and advanced the machine as she tried to sew. She broke the needle, stalled the machine and I almost had a heart attack as I tried to stand there calmly and say "It is o:k , you didn't hurt anything." She didn't mess up the timing but it did make a different sound as the needle went up and down. I cleaned and oiled it thoroughly and sewed slow
  12. Congratulations to both of you. This is very exciting. I will look into getting the book. I have a new niece and a friend is having triplets. I think this would be a great gift. Thanks you for telling us about the book. Janice
  13. Marilyn. I am so sorry for your loss. I needed a part for my Hartley Fence so I called. He told me what I needed and would send it right away. I said, "How much is it? I will send you a check." He told me he would just include an invoice in the shipment and I could send the check after I received the part. I was surprised. No one does that these days. It was a pleasure to talk with him. He gave me some good advice. It is great you could share your life with such a nice man.
  14. I told dh--before I put another thing on the machine I am going to glue that cap on!! That was while I was doing this quilt but before I saw the grease on it. It is a pretty big streak of grease. Fortunately, it is on the print part (blue & white) and not on the embroidered area. How lucky can I be!! I have no idea how I got into the grease. It's not like I didn't know it was there. Thanks for all of your help. Janice
  15. The grease cap (by bobbin) keeps falling off. I now have a big spot of grease on the quilt I am doing for a wedding nest week. I have tried everything I have in my home to get it off. Does someone have a special formula? Need help soon. Thanks, Janice
  16. I love it. I worked as a hairdresser in the 70's. I did many of those hairdos. You both look great. Looks like you were having a good time. Happy Anniversary. Janice
  17. I have a Freedom and love it. I never miss the chanel locks or the thread cutter. I hope this helps. Janice
  18. Very pretty, very different. Great colors & great quilting. Nicely done. Janice
  19. Dawn, The machine literallly shuts off as if I had hit a colored button. After it stops, If I hit the stitch regulator button & the blue button it works again just fine but it stops (shuts down) somewhere down the quilt. If I hit the blue button and do manual, it seems to sews fine and does not shut down. It just shuts down, coasts and makes a few larger stitches. I have been doing charity quilts and I don't think they will notice a few larger stitches. It is frustrating. I use the stitch regulator a lot so I need to get the problem taken care of. Thanks, Janice
  20. I am doing a panto using the stitch regulator. My machine (Freedom) just stops. If I hit the stitch regulator button & the blue button on the controls the machine begins again and stitches fine until it decides to stop again (in the middle of a pattern). It stops several times across the quilt. I sewed without the stitch regulator and it sewed the pattern all the way across the quilt. I checked and everything seems to be plugged in, also made sure I wasn't hitting any of the buttons by mistake. Any ideas what my problem could be? Thanks for you help. Janilce
  21. I asked a similar question "how to do panto & custom" on the forum. Date--Dec 12, 2012. . I followed Dawn's instructions and it went beautifully. I hope you can find the post-- it was most helpful. She also told me how to post Avitar--haven't found my picture yet, It is hidden in my pic's somewhere. Janice
  22. Sandra, My sister has uterine cancer. She was diagnosed 8 years ago. She has had chem & radiation. She owns her own company and works everyday. She is more tired than she used to be. She recently fell and broke her arm--chasing a cow that got out. She is 77 years old. She doesn't have a farm, but has several acres and puts cows on it. Her legs are swollen, so she doesn't wear skirts or heels any longer. She still gets mild chemo treatments but they don't cause her any major porblems. I hope this helps you. Hang in there and best wishes to you. Jan
  23. That's is great. I am sure the pieces are beautiful and your quilting helped to make them winners. Jan
  24. Very pretty. I like the colors & design. I couldn't see the quilting but I know you did a fabulous job. Janice