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  1. Dawn, Thank you for the instructions for using the Hartley Fence. I have a Hartley Fence but did not get instructions with it. This will help greatly. Thanks, Janice
  2. I think it is past my bedtime. I think that is an after midnight code I used!!
  3. Very pretty. I love your uiltig an dal of the pretty colors. Nicely done. Janice
  4. Very pretty. Nice job quilting. Love it!!
  5. How do you change colors of thread in a quilt? If you are doing blocks that have several colors in them and you want to use several different colors of thread: what do you do? Do you quilt across the whole width of the quilt with each color as you need it in the block; changing color threads as you go?s Do you roll the quilt and do all of each color all of the way throughout the quilt? Do I make sense? I would like to be able to do one color all of the way throughout the quilt rolling it as needed. I have been unable to do that. I did it once and ended up with many tucks on the back of the quilt and had to frog. Fortunately I had doneonlly two of the 6 colors. Let me know how you do it? I am doing a Dresden plate and I change thread colors 4 times as I do the blocks across the quilt. Thanks, Jan
  6. Hey Linnea, The Forum may look different but you stil look the same--beautiful. Jan
  7. I have a Freedom. It is 5 years old. I did squares (circles) for a long time. I practiced on cheap fabric or old sheets. I would use a different color thread when I had done a sheet full and do it all over again. My dh said I was burning thread!! I am proud to say I have greatly improved. It takes much, much, much practice. I got the m&m wheels last year and I love them. But I did learn to do the circles with the old wheels. I love my Freedom. It is a great machine. I have had no problems with it. Sometimes I am the problem, I have the tension set wrong or I have it threaded wrong. Hang in there. You, too, will make beautiful circles!! Good luck. Janice
  8. Is it a panto or freehand? Whatever, you did a great job. I like the quilting design you used on the quilt. Perfect. Great job!! Jan
  9. A few weeks ago I washed my quilt, went away and left it in the washer for several hours. The red & purple (had been prewashed) faded on to the white. I asked for and got some great advice from you folks on the Forum. I got Synthrapol, directiions say to soak item in hot water & Synthrapol for 5 minutes. I had wool batting, so I was afraid to soak the whole quilt in hot water. I mixed the synthrapol as directed (in hot water) and put it on the places on the quilt where the dye transferred. I put hot compresses on the spots for 5 min or more. Filled the washer with slightly warmer than cool water added Woolite and lots of color catcher sheets. I rinsed in cold water & spun out the quilt. I dried it on a drying rack with it spread out onto my kitchen chairs, beside the fireplace with two fans going. It washed and dried beautifully. There are no longer any transfer of color spots. I am so excited. Thank you all for all of the great suggestions. I couldn't have figured this one out myself. Thanks, Jan
  10. Oh sooooo beautiful. You did a wonderful job. Jan
  11. I love it. I love the you come up with to make lthe quilts so beaultiful. JN
  12. It is so cute and so well done. I have to ask--is this all done in needle-turn applique? Jan
  13. Love the chickens. Keekp doodling and show us the results. You do a great job. Do you give them all names? Jan
  14. I, also, have the sharpener and haven't had much success. I think I am doing something wrong. I would appreciate any advice you could give to make this work. Thanks, Janice
  15. I, too, need to get used to using this new website. I enjoy all of the posts of others. Thank you. Lynn, The little dress quilt is adorable. You did such a nice job. I love it!! I seem to post more questions that I do finsihed quilts. I think you folks do such a beautiful job on your quilts. I feel a little ( a lot) intimadated. Janice
  16. Vickie, It is beautiful!! Thank you so much. I had a big time brain freeze and you have saved me from disaster. . . Thanks
  17. I have a carpenter's wheel to quilt. I want to do custom. I don't know how to do it. Recently, someone posted a finished carpenter's wheel quilt. I couldn't see the quilting design on it. If, whomever did it sees this ,could you post a more close-up picture? It was very pretty. If someone has ideas for me, I would love it. The wheel pieces are large. I can figure out what to put in the solid white areas around the wheel and inside it .It it is the wheel that has me stumped. Merry Christmas to all. Thanks, Janice
  18. He's sooooooo cute! Little boys are so much fun. Enjoy!!
  19. The pictures are before laundering. There is quite a lot of red in one of the white corners then just a few small spots here & there. I will soak it with Synthrapol tomorrow and , hopefully, not forget it and the red will be gone. Thanks, jan
  20. This is so sad. I cried as I watched it on TV. We have grandchildren in Ct. It is such a nice area. I don't understand shooting the children--or anyone. I can't imagine how the families will cope. They certainly need our prayers.
  21. This is the Curly hearts I quilted--body is panto borders are custom. The hearts in the panto weren't as large as I wanted so I made them larger . Some of them are good some not so good. The lady loved it. Doing panto and custom worked out pretty easily on this quilt. The edges of the body of the quilt are busy enough there was no problem hiding my stops. Thanks to Dawn and Linda for the advice. Jan
  22. This is the quilt Shadow of A Bearpaw that I soaked and the red faded onto the white.
  23. Thank you all for the information. I did soaked in cold water and did not dry in the dryer. The quilt in on my line outside--in cold Northern Ohio. It is a beautiful cold day. The sun is shining and about 36 degrees. Thanks, jan