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  1. I am not doing so good with the new forum. I tried to search a subject--from old forum. Got nowhere. I soaked my quilt & spun -- forgot it was in the washer and left it for a few hours. Some of the red (that I had prewashed ) faded onto the white--I think because it was in the washer for so long. Is there any way to remove this red from the white? Thanks, Jan
  2. Very pretty. I am sure your guild is most happy with the results of their gift to you. I love the colors. The quilting goes nicely with the design of the quilt. Good Job!!
  3. Thanks to Dawn for the good information. I did the panto on the body of the quilt and custom on the borders. I had no problems. It turned out nicely. It was easier than I thought it would be. It was, maybe, a twin size quilt so I didn't have much to do. I did a curly hearts panto, figure 8, and piano keys. It was fun. I hope the lady likes it.
  4. Best wishes to you. I admire your attitude. You are doing a wonderful job taking care of everyone's needs. I love the cookie story. My prayers will include you.
  5. Wow!! very nice & nicely quilted. Good quilting design choice.
  6. I have been wondering how Elmer is doing. Thank you for the update. You folks have certainly been through a lot. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Please keep us posted. Hugs to you both. Jan
  7. Dawn, Thank you for all of the good information. It looks like I can now do the quilting. I printed your instructions. Thanks, also, for the information on the avatar & pics. Who knows; maybe I will be able to do that , too. Jan
  8. Cute, Cute. I would have recognized you from the picture ---well maybe. Very cute
  9. I have a quilt I would like to do a panto for the body portion and on the two borders do custom designs. Could someone tell me how to do this. How do I stop at the edge of the panto? What do I do with the thread so it doesn't show? I will stitch in the ditch around both of the borders. I will be using a different color thread on the quilt and different on each of he borders. I don't often do pantos . I mostly work from the front of the machine. I hope you can help me pull this off. The girl did a nice job making the quilt. Also, I haven't figured out how to do avitar, pictures &
  10. Kim, Very pretty. Very nicely done. I will vote for you.
  11. Very beautiful; you did an amazing job on the quilting.
  12. I have leader grips and have the same problem. If I am going to crosshatch or piano key the borders, I have to know when I load the quilt because I will need to attach an extra 6" of fabric on the side I am attaching to the takeup leader or pin it on. It is my understanding there isn't much difference in the leadergrips or Red snappers. I raised the leveler bar but it didn't make much difference. I use the leadergrips most of the time. It makes loading a quilt much faster.
  13. My friend with the computer driven Millenium (APQS) has a full size computer screen. Can't go wrong with APQS. I love mine.
  14. Ann, It is very beautiful.. I love all of your different designs. You put a lot of thought and work into the quilt. Iam happy your customer loved it.
  15. You have made the quilt prettier. I love the flowers.
  16. WoW!! It is beautiful. I love your colors. I am sure you will have some great ideas & do a great job quilting it. Anyone who does this kind of work-- I am very impressed.
  17. Let us know what you find out. Very interesting..
  18. My Freedom sounded like a vibration that got louder the faster I sewed. We repacked the grease.. be sure to get the air bubbles out--if you think you have them out--stir more!! I learned from experience. My dh didn't stir enough. It runs great and sounds great. Easy fix. Amy told me it doesn't hurt to run it noisy. The gears will be fine just a little noisy.