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  1. Gee Cindy, I hope if you eat worms; they are gummy worms. Good luck with the pen.
  2. Wow!! Beautiful. I am glad you told us you painted it. I am doubly impressed.
  3. You do beautiful work and I am sorry you don't get some recognition. You certainly deserve some and prize money. They wouldn't have won without you. You are an inspiration to me. I love your quilting. You have good design ideas and you can help us soooo much when we have questions and problems. I have learned so much from you. Thanks for all of your help and keep up the good work. Thanks
  4. I have an unusual noise in my Freedom. As I sew it starts out like a whine and as I sew faster it gets louoder. We repacked (new) the grease and tightened all of the screws on the outer casing. I clean and oil it regularly. I oiled it again . I had oiled top and bobbin before I started this quilt. I am not very far into the quilt. It sews fine. I may need earplugs to finish the quilt!! Any ideas what my problem could be? Thanks, Jan
  5. Very pretty. You did a good job with the circles. Circles were a good choice..
  6. You quilting is an inspiration. I love the details you put into it. I am making this quilt. I, too, am doing needleturn. I do it when I am in the car for a long trip, at the airport or on vacation. I have it half done. I am using scraps so my coloring is quite different. I love the colors used iby your clilent. You (both) did a great job. Thanks for showing it.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS: this is very exciting. Best wishes to you.
  8. I have tried using frixon pens and on some fabrics they leave a grey or white line. I marked on red & black mottled fabric with a black pen. I cannot get it out with the iron. It leaves a grey line . I am going to try some marker remover. I hope this does the job. I will be very cautious using the markers from now on. My fs assured me they would come out completely with ironing.
  9. It is beautiful. I love the quilting. you did a wonderful job. I bought some fabric to make this, but I don't have the pattern,yet, and it looks like it will take a whole lot of time. Love how you did it. Great job!!
  10. What a lot of pretty quilts and what a nice thing to do.
  11. Do you girls quilt for others? At our county fair if you have received payment for quilting, you cannot enter. I have done very little for others but I have done a few. That prevented me from entering.
  12. WOW!! It is beautiful Don't you just want to keep it and enjoy it!!
  13. Very pretty pink quilt. It looks wonderful.
  14. WoW!! It is fantastic! You deserve the multiple awards. It is breathtaking.
  15. Very nice. Love the quilt and the way you quilted it. Very nice!!
  16. Th quilt is lovely. You did a beautiful job quilting. When I grow up I want to quilt just like you!! How wide is that border? It looks wonderful.
  17. The lady would like this custom quilted. Squares are 20". She does a lot of hand embroidery and art quilts. She doesn't want the quilting to be too comtemporary or too traditional. I have some ideas but I am sure you all have better ideas. Thanks for your help, Jan
  18. There are 4 blocks across. Colors are blue(purple), orange, lt. yelllow, lt. green. , black strips. sashing is burgundy. squares are 20". I need some advice on how to quilt. Thanks, Jan
  19. I need ideas on quilting this. There are 4 blocks across. Sashing in burgundy, triangles are orange, blue(purple) lt. green & lt. yellow, & strips are black. Thanks, Jan
  20. Love Beagles & Bulldogs. He will be a great pet.
  21. A lady brought a quilt with a lot of black in it. She, also, brought black baking. I will post the quilt later as I need help deciding a design. How will the Fairfield cotton batting work with this quilt? Will it make pokies? The batting is natural color. I can't use black batting because she has several lighter colors in the quilt. It seems I get out of one goofy situation into another. I guess it is all a learning experience!! Thanks, Jan