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    redjul31 got a reaction from PammieinOK in Millineium for Sale - Dallas area   
    APQS Millenium turnkey solution ready to go, will deliver and help set-up in north Texas area.

    2001 Millenium on 12 Foot Frame


    Expanded base plate
    M & M wheels
    Auto fabric advance
    Hydraulic lift
    Custom light bar
    Micro handles


    Over 140 spools of thread - many new in package - all assorted colors (most are Superior Brand)
    25+ spools of Superior’s King Tut variegated threat
    Metallic threads in assortment of colors
    3000+ prewound bobbins
    Turbo bobbin winder
    Extra bobbin cases
    Extra needles
    Multiple zipper sets
    Acrylic tool assortment including an assortment of flowers, shapes and Westalee Crosshatch set
    Library of longarm quilting books
    Tools (Towa bobbin gauge and Superior upper thread tension gauge, screwdrivers, etc)
    Sterlite storage containers for thread and accessories - all slide right under the machine
    Contact Julie at jlaidlaw@kaboodles.com or 469-422-9366






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    redjul31 got a reaction from Marti10245 in Circle Lord System & Long Boards For Sale   
    I posted this in the for sale section as well but several people mentioned that I should put it over here as well.  So my apologies for not putting over here initially.  
    I am getting ready for new Quilt Path and am cleaning out my studio.   I have all of the following for sale.  If anyone would like all of the system, templates and long boards, I will sell for $2750 including shipping (not incl AK or HI).  Shipping rates will be from 75070.  If you are within 3 hours of Dallas, we can arrange for local pick-up or meet along the way.
    Just a quick update - I am waiting until Sunday to piece everything out but here is an updated list of what has tentatively been spoken for.  I forgot to add in the styli initially as well.  
    PENDING - Circle Lord Basic Front Unit $225 plus shipping
    Front Stylus - $65
    Rear Stylus - $45
    Design Templates:
    Aztec   $52 plus shipping
    Crosshatch 13"  $52 plus shipping
    Curved Crosshatch  $77 plus shipping
    Diamondz  $39 plus shipping
    Featherz  $52 plus shipping
    Featherz Border  $39 plus shipping
    Gingko  $52 plus shipping
    Heartz  $39 plus shipping
    Micro Featherz  $30 plus shipping
    Mini-Aztec  $39 plus shipping
    Mini-Featherz/Spider Web  $45 plus shipping
    Ovalz  $39 plus shipping
    Spiral  $39 plus shipping
    SpiroThingy   $52 plus shipping
    Square Spirals$39 plus shipping
    Starz  $39 plus shipping
    Stella  $39 plus shipping
    Sunburst  $77 plus shipping
    PENDING - Tiles  $77 plus shipping
    Giant Template - Long Boards
    PENDING - Treasures of Buddha  $200 plus shipping
    Cable (2 1/2 boards - older style)  $100 plus shipping
    Giant Clam/pumpkinseed (not fan)  $210 plus shipping
    PENDING - Swirlz   $215 plus shipping
    Zig Zag  $220 plus shipping
    PENDING - Cosmos  $210 plus shipping
    PENDING - Trillium  $210 plus shipping
    Water  $195 plus shipping
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