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  1. Hey Mindy,

    I just sent you an email...


  2. Still checking on what I can do or not do with the IQ system I currently own in Wisconsin. Didn't get the answer I was hoping for yesterday.
  3. Beata, I live in Daytona Beach in the winters, October-May. I have a longarm up north in Wisconsin and quilt for customers all summer. I am looking to set up a business down in Daytona too. I don't head back south until October but in the mean time I am searching for the right set up for down there. I have a question out to my Intelliquilter community right now. Depending on the answer from there, I am very interested in your machine. I had a Millennium and sold it (still kicking myself in the butt for that). I didn't think I wanted to actually quilt while I was in FL, just take it easy. But turns out I miss quilting more than I thought I would. Hoping to hear back from Intelliquilter soon. I'll contact you again. Mindy
  4. Just wanted to show everyone my new thread shelves. They were very inexpensive, $5.49 per shelf plus about 50 cents for the dowels to hold the bobbins. Each shelf holds 16 cones across, two deep. I added tiny dowels in front of each cone to hold the extra bobbins. I could, and may, put the shelves a little closer together and add a 6th shelf. I painted them red to match my new painted stairs. So far I love them.. I had the cone storage racks but always had to be very careful taking the cones off so I wouldn't knock off other cones.
  5. I've sold the Bottom Line YLI, Rainbows Art Studio. Still have the Poly Qilter Signature solids Signature variegated Nymo.
  6. I only use Superior Sew Fine thread and want to sell the other thread I have on hand. I have a couple of brand new never opened cones but the rest are all open. Some are nearly new full, some are partial (around 1/2 a cone or more) and others are skimpy 1/4 cone or less. I have grouped them by brand with the price next to each brand. Bottom Line 1 full 4 partial 9 skimpy $25.00 YLI 1 skimpy Free to the first person who buys thread Poly quilter variegated 4 partial and 3 skimpy $25.00 Rainbows 1 partial and 2 skimpy $7 Art Studio 1 partial Free to the first person who buys thread Signature variegated 5 full 3 partial and 2 skimpy $80 Signature Solid 3 full 16 partial and 11 skimpy $75 Nymo Quilt Superlube Platinum 7500 yd cone never used $40 I bought all of this at wholesale and and am figureing my pricing based on that, wholesale for the full cones, around 50% for the partial cones, 10% for the skimpy cones and then I am rounding down. So, anyone who doesn't have a wholesale account this is your chance to buy thread at below wholesale pricing. Mindy
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