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  1. I am a slow learner, but eventually I get it! I have had my Lenni for 5 years this month and I am still learning and practicing things I have learned on this forum! I mainly quilt for myself except for a handful of customers and have never been able to go to classes. Thank goodness for the internet and this forum! From the beginning I have used So Fine thread from Superior Threads. It is marvelous thread and I have never had a problem with it. But, along with So Fine, I also bought Bottom Line. I wind my own bobbins and Bottom Line gave me nothing but trouble! From this forum I read to purchase other bobbin cases and dedicate them to each type of thread you are using. I also have a Towa gauge. Well, finally I did just that. Loaded the bobbin with Bottom Line, used my gauge to set the right tension in the new bobbin case and it quilts on my Lenni fantastically!!! Why did it take me sooo long?? I can really see the difference in my quilting with Bottom Line. I am using So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. It gives the quilts much more definition. I can quilt 5 rows per bobbin with the Bottom Line compared to 2 to 3 rows with So Fine in the bobbin. I am sold on it!!
  2. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!! I will share them with my daughter! She has two little boys that are very onery and give her great inspiration for writing! Thanks again, I appreciate all of you!!
  3. Fabulous feathers!!! Beautiful quilting!!!
  4. Congratulations to you and your family!!
  5. Beautiful! Your quilting is wonderful on this quilt!!
  6. I have mentioned before that my daughter wrote a children's book. I have some pictures now to share. This is my daughter, Eyvonna Rains, and me at one of her book signings. She wrote this book for really little kids that are just learning to enjoy reading books. I made the quilts on the table for her and it took a few tries before I could get it to match the book exactly. hastingsbooksigning by DyanCT, on Flickr These are the ones I tried and we decided on the top two. March2010 005 by DyanCT, on Flickr Here is a picture of the book cover. She is currently selling it on Amazon. When you buy the book there is also an audio download. SleepMyChild by DyanCT, on Flickr This has been quite an experience for all of us. She has written another children's book that will be out in the fall. She will be going to New York to promote that one. We are all very happy and excited for her.
  7. We live in north central Oklahoma and everything just skirted around us and on to the east. We had 3 1/2 " of rain which we needed. We have an underground storm shelter in our house, so we always feel 'safe' when we are here. Thanks for thinking about us 'Okies'!!
  8. My granddaughter was about the same age as yours when she decided she wanted to quilt. She lives in Iowa, so we had to wait until she came for a visit in the summer. This is a picture of one of the things she made. We just took muslin and batting and made a sandwich and then she used the Lenni to quilt it. Then we sewed it together to make a large bag. She is 13 years old now and still takes it on trips with her. It is wonderful when your grandchildren want to learn to quilt or sew!! Granddaughtersbag by DyanCT, on Flickr
  9. Congratulations on your Millenium and WELCOME to the forum!
  10. Pretty purse! I LOVE the baby quilt!! Your choice of fabrics really works well! For some reason(?? ) there are lots of babies being born this time of year and I have been making lots & lots of baby quilts for family and friends. Your quilt gives me new ideas! Thanks!!
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