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  1. After almost a year of hard work to get our blog and web site up and running our great friend, blogger and pattern designer, Dana, was tragically killed in an auto accident last Month. This was a tremendous setback for us and are just now able to start to get back into the swing of things. Albeit, without her amazing line of quilt patterns and kits. We have written about this experience on our blog and also were able to finish a quilt that Dana was preparing to create for her yet unborn grand-child.'> I don't mean to depress all of you, it just helps to get it out there. On a brighter note, our resident long arm quilter, Brian (, who won first prize at the Colorado state fair last summer, has some of his wonderful quilts on exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum ( The name of the exhibit is "Wranglers Among Us", the 10th biennial Men's Quilt Exhibit on display until May 1, 2010 Wish us luck as we move forward. AnnieB
  2. We would be interested in taking a look at what you have available. We are working with several customer fabric designers so that we can offer original fabrics to our customers. I have sent you a separate email for your reply. Thanks!
  3. Brian is a LA'er in Colorado. You can check out his work on his webshots page. The address is located on our blog at He calls himself the Fellow Quilter and can also be reached at
  4. We are having fun getting our web site up and running. We have put a free table runner pattern out there for anyone who might like it. We would love for you to come to our site, read our blog, download and print the free pattern and let us know what you think. Thanks, Annie B
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    quilt studio

    I just got around to taking pictures of my new-ish quilting studio (it has actually been a couple of years now). I got to design it from scratch when we finished off the old basement. Check it out here: I love it!!!!!!! Let me know what you think.
  6. I'd love to see any of the valentines day quilting projects that any of you might have done. Mine are here!
  7. If your friend is interested in custom quilting feel free to contact Brian at He is Located in Wray, CO (about 2.5-3 hours from Boulder). I'm sure that there are others closer but he does very excellent work and does quilting for people all across the country.
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    Where to sell my quilts

    Thanks for telling me that my clumsy fingers didn't type in my URL properly. Luckily I put it into my signature as well. Thanks for the compliment on our web site. We just published it last week so it is still evolving. We are working on getting a few vendors lined up so should be able to get some nice products out there for you to look at. I just posted my first blog article today. Keep checking back and let me know if you have any suggestions. We are planning on hitting a lot of quilt shows and quilt shops this year. I'll try to write up reviews and take pictures of the best stuff.
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    I'm not familiar with webshots. Is there something that they offer for the money that you can't get for free from other picture storage and viewing web sites like Picasa, snapfish, etc. Here is a URL containing a bunch of picture sharing sites. Maybe one of them will work better. Also, one suggestion, if the pics seem to be loading slowly you should make sure that you have resized the pics. Most cameras now take pictures that are huge (4-8 mega pixels). If you plan to post them on a web site these are too big and the web sites ahve a hard time displaying them. Before you post them to a web site you should resize them using your editing software. Good sizes for the web are 640x480 px (large) or 448x336px (small). These sizes will load much quicker and look much better. AB
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    Web Hosting

    I really like your site. Simple and very informative. I really don't like cluttered sites. We started out using to host our site but they want too much money for a lot of their other web development services and tools so we decided to bite the bullet and learn how to do it ourselves. We used Rapid weaver to build our site. It is a fairly easy to use web development software application for Apple PCs. We really like all of the additional plug-ins that they offer. Check out our gallery. I really like that format. AB
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    Sponsoring a local quilt show can also get the word out.
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    Where to sell my quilts

    Check out They sell hand made things. Seems to work very well. AnnieB