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  1. Thanks Cheryl for your attention, I bought a machine with a representative from Tampa Dea Crandall, does not matter now ,because I'm confident I can sell it here in Brazil,the transport to the USA would be very expensive, anyway thank you again for his enlightening and gentle. Vania Castiglione
  2. This is to everybory don t beleveme, I don care , about what they say, my English is not soo good, but, now traing to sell here in Brazil, and I almost doing. In Brazil the watts is 220 is not like in USA, But we have a little machine to change the volts. I don t wonna steal anybody.
  3. Hi, everybody, I dont know what I can do to help my self, I did buy the Lenni maquine and now I need to sell and I try to send to USA, but I can not pay to send, is to expensive, if same one have idea what I can do please tell me. I really need help. I spend all my money I have, to buy and now I can not work with this maquine. Please give same idea how I can do.
  4. Se tem alguem neste site que seja brasileira e esteja procurando uma maquina Lenni, me mande um email, eu estou no Brasil e tenho uma maquina para vender. obrigada
  5. I understand everyone, I selling because my health is not good, and here in Brazil, they don t know about this machine, I very unhappy for sell my machine but I have to sell. I have being tray to sell here in Brazil but is soo dificulty.
  6. Sorry, but I did buy this machine in USA, Florida, then I moved to Brazil. and I am not The Nigerian Minister of Justice, If someone have a question about the machine ask by email, I don t wanna show my information to everybody . to judge, please be sure about accusation.
  7. This is my problem, I am located in Brazil, but is someone is interested I pay for deliverer, and I looking for 7.000 thanks
  8. Hi, everybody I did buy a Lenni last year, but know I would like to sell, if someone is interested, email me to vaniagcast@msn.com. .
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