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  1. I had to rip out a 54" X 2" wide stitched design on a batik border. I have restitched a different design leaving holes that did not close. I spritzed the entire area. The backing holes closed (not batik) but not the batik holes. Any suggestions?? I have re-spritzed the holes for now. Also, on the same quilt I used Quilters Dream Blend natural batting 70/30. The dark green backing is lower quality fabric and there is a lot of bearding. The top is light colored with the dark backing, how do you decide which color batting to use in a case like this, and what can I do about bearding?? Thanks. Lu Ann
  2. I have looked everywhere as to how to quilt a "Grandmother's Garden" quilt. It is English paper-pieced with ALL hexagon shapes. No blocks per say. I don't know how to do pantographs yet. My best stitching is a feather meander with crescents and swirls. Is there any other ideas that would do this masterpiece quilt justice?? Any thoughts appreciated. Lu Ann the Newbie
  3. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I've had a Millenium for just over a year. I have been learning lots from everyone that posts to this forum. I write down your instructions and try to draft different designs that catch my attention. You are all so talented. I am anxious to learn more from you all. Lu Ann in Crowley, Texas