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  1. I’m interested in buying Circle Lord or R&S boards. I’m looking for sets with enough boards to do a queen size quilt. Thanks!
  2. Just wanted to tell you all that I took the plunge ! I ordered my CL today. It should arrive around Wednesday next week. I'm really excited. Thanks for all the great advice and comments.
  3. Ok, I tried to post the pictures but they were too large. Hopefully this will work...
  4. I made this quilt for a wedding present. The bride is an architect. I wanted to do something very graphic, so I chose the Wheel of Mystery. I felt the quilting needed to be circular, so I did pebbles.... thousands and thousands of them ! It took me forever ! But, it's finished and I love it !
  5. Everyone, Thank you so much for all the advise and recomendations. The pictures you've shared are just wonderful. I agree that just being able to make a perfect circle is worth a lot ! Hopefully, I will be able to buy a CL before too long. I do have one other question, do you leave the clamping mechanism on the machine all the time, or do you have to remove it and reinstall when you want to use the templates? Thanks again,
  6. Wow, your feathers are fantastic ! I love the circles, too. did you use the Circle Lord? I'm considering investing in one, but would like to hear how other quilters like it. Good job on the quilt, keep using those feathers !
  7. Just wondering if the Circle Lord is worth the investment. Also wondering how fuzzy it is to use. Thanks !