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  1. Thanks for the info. Yes, I do clean the bobbin each time I change it or check it for lint. And I will check to make sure it is round. I appreciate your info. Carol
  2. Talking about bobbin spring, I have a question. What is the purpose of the bobbin spring? I found out by accidently not having the bobbin spring in that I got better thread tension and I wasn't using Magna Glide prewounds. Also has anyone had any problems with a bobbin that makes a lot of noise when the machine is running? Thanks, Carol Osburn Millier with CQ Amarillo, TX
  3. Thanks Barb so much. I'll let you know if I have any other problems. Caorl
  4. Hi Barb, I just typed a reply to my last post to let you know what happened and somehow lost the whole thing, so will try again. Just wanted to let you know that I got my stitch regulator fixed and what we did to fix it. After you suggested that I try to move the machine head with the little black encloder wheels only with my finger, I found that the top encoders were tight and moved the head, but the small encoder wheels on the bottom that moves the head from right to left did not move. So we tightened the wheels again using a large pliers to hold it into place. My hustand then put some "belt conditioner" used for autombile belts on the little black encoder wheels. And guess what? It worked. No more slippage or squeaking. I then put on a sandwich to do some trials and it worked perfectly. No more hesitating and then running real fast making tiny stitches. No more hesitating and then making large stitches. I worked with this sandwich for about 10 minutes or so doing stitch in the ditch etc. working slowly, stopping, starting again, etc. Worked great. I don't know what will happen once I get my quilt back on the frame because sometimes it would take 20 minutes or so before I would start having problems. I have several customer quilts do before I can put my quilt back on the frame, but will let you know once I get this all done. So stay tune in. Again thanks for all your help. I surely do appreciate it. Carol Osburn Millie with CQ Amarillo, TX
  5. Thanks for explaining this in detail. I now believe I understand how to do this and will try again to adjust the wheels. I may not get this done today, but will let you know how it works out. Then if I still have problems will see if it is in the encoder box or an overall SR issue. I will get back to you most likely tomorrow or Monday. Thanks so much.
  6. Sue, I will check into seeing if I need new encoder wheels or maybe a new stitch regulator. Thanks, Carol
  7. Barb, My husband has helped me tighten the wheels, and we tightened as tight as we could, but they still squeaked. Does the bolt need to be completely loose so that you can move the box? I don't know anything about the bolt that goes through the wheel so that it is flush against the end of the slot in the encoder box plate. Do I need to take the encoder box completely off to do all this? We loosened the gold bolt, but maybe we didn't loosen it enough. I dont know where the I'm not very mechanical. I don't know where the end of the slot in the encoder box plate is? Maybe that is because we didn't loosen the bolt enough to see all these parts. Thanks for your help. Carol
  8. I have read the threads on the various problems with stitch regulators with interest since I have had problems with my Millie almost from the time I bought her in Feb 2007. I have a CompuQuilter and have not had much time to do free hand, but every time I have the time, I have problems with the stitching. I have contacted APQS, but because of the time constraints, have not got anything resolves. But this weekend I have decided to put something on the forum and see who else has had my type of problem. I have checked the cables, I think. I am not sure I am checking the right ones. I have two small cables coming out the the 2 black boxes that I think are the stitch regulators. They appear to be tight. The encoder wheels may be the problem. We have tried to tighten them but apparently we can't get them tight enough as when the wheels are held so the machine doesn't move, the little black wheel that is on the larger black wheel moves. I read that if they squeack, you can get by. The encoder wheels that go forward and backwards after checking this morning, sometimes in spots, does not even squeak. So I assume this may be some of the problem. So how can you get the wheels tight enough so they don't move? I can see daylight when I look between the encoder wheels, because the little black wheel is flat on the edges and the big black wheel is rounded on the inside where the little wheel fits. Is this they way they are suppose to be? Here is what is happening: Not all the time, but whenever the regular feels like it, it hesitages then finally after jiggling it a little it will move, but goes very fast and makes real small stitches. Or else, when I am stitching and slowing down, like doing stitch in the ditch, it will stop moving and then take large stitches. It is so flustrating. I would appreciate any feedback you all may have. Thanks so much. Carol Osburn Millennium with CQ Amarillo, T
  9. JoAnn, Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions. I'm just getting to understand all about boundaries and outlines. I had a quilttop with sashes abount 7" by 2" and she wanted them outlined. There were variances in every sash so I had to edit each and everyone. There were over 100 of these little buggers. Needless to say, I learned a little about outlines. Now I'm working on a quilt that was done on the fly. This one has corners that are wonky, so guess I will set the edge to edge at the top end of the corner and so then there will be batting and backing quilted where there is no top. She will have to just square it up afterwards. Thanks again for your help. Carol Amarillo
  10. Need a bit of advice. Most all quilt tops and backs are never square. How do you handle this when using CQ? When the top corners are not square, it is hard to do borders or anything else for that matter. Thanks for your advice. Carol Osburn Millie with CQ
  11. Thank all of you for your comments and recommendats. I have checked them all out and I am working with Darlene Epp for the needed feather design. All of the designers have some really nice designs and I appreciate all your recommendations. Carol
  12. Hi Sue & Darlene, Thanks Sue for your info. I will check out the DVD for feathers by Claudia, but I do need her web address too. Darlene, I will get a sketch to you tomorrow. Thanks for the offer to design something for me. I was getting a little frantic. Carol
  13. Hi Sue, I did check out Darlene Epp's site, but she didn't have what I was looking for. As for the freehand feathers with the naked spine, I don't think I can do the rest of the design as I don't have enough time to practice since I have spent so much time on the computer. I just don't have the flow, but I will check out Jessica Schick's site if you could let me know what her web address is. Thanks so much Sue. Carol in Amarillo, TX;)
  14. Hi, I am looking for a free flowing feather border and frame design to match for a custom quilt I am about to quilt. I have checked several sites and they have feather border, just not the free flowing feathers. Is there any like this available and out there? Carol Osburn Millie with CQ
  15. Hi, I recently quilted a quilt and when I took it off the frame found that I had about 4 small bird's nests on the next to last row. I always check each row, but I did not see these until I took if off the frame. I was using prewound bobbins with one side of the cardboard taken off due to the thread no feeding right. I was using So Fine in the top. Any ideas as to why this may of happened? Thanks, Carol Osburn Millie with CQ Amarillo, TX