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  1. Thanks to all for your thoughts and concerns. Power was finally turned on tonight and I am so thankful to have water, heat and lights. It has been a long 5 days and I am thankful that it's been warm enough not to have to worry about pipes freezing. Lots of clean up ahead and most likely not much quilting but all is well.
  2. Hi Ami. Send me a way to contact you and we can work something out. Jean
  3. Hi Ami There are no dealers in CT but I do have a Freedom SR and would be willing to help you out. Your other option is to go to some of the APQS road shows, or, even better attend the MQX show in Providence RI in April. All the major dealers attend the show and have machines all set up to "play" with. They usually offer some pretty good incentives. It's nice to test drive all the machines and then narrow down your choices. If you can include your email or phone we may be able to work something out as I live very close to you. Jean
  4. I have been PPPing and now think I'm ready to attack my pineapple quilt top but have no idea what to do. I have it loaded on the frame and we just stare at each other. I'd appreciate any ideas you have or any direction you can point me in. I'll try to attach a PIC. Thanks for the help.
  5. While flying to Florida and reading the Delta magazine I came across a gadget called the DataVac Electric Duster. It's billed as the greener alternative to canned air to use for cleaning keyboards and such. I'm finding that I'm going through lots of canned air for the long arm. Anyone have any experience with this product? Thanks Jean
  6. I had the same problem but found a simple fix in my kitchen drawer. I cut in half one of the rubber gripper discs used to open jars. I slide half a slice between brake and roller and the problem is solved. I first tried a piece of the rubber mesh no slip material used under throw rugs but found it didn't last very long. Hope this helps someone else. Jean
  7. I'm a newbe with a Freedom SR. Have been practicing but now have a real quilt on the frame and having trouble with the tension. I'm running bottom line in the bobbin and so fine in the top but the back threads look awful with "birds nest" at the sharp turning points on the back and multiple thread breaks on the top thread. What do I do? It's very frustrating. Thanks for any advice. Jean
  8. I am new the APQS family having just recieved my machine this week and I have lots of questions about thread and thought I would pick your collective brains. What is the best thread to use for the top and bobbin, what is the best place to buy it, and if you had to pick 5 colors to start with, what would they be? Large spools or cones? As a rule, do you match the top and bobbin thread?
  9. I'm intested in making a Japanese puzzel quilt which uses a quadrilateral triangle that is dissected into 4 pieces. I've tried to draw one myself but can't seem to get the angles perfect and the resulting diamonds are just a wee bit off. Does anyone know where I could buy such a template. I've done a web search but have come up empty. Thanks for your help. Jeanie
  10. I have to admit to being a peeping tom on this forum. What a wonderful bunch of ladies and gents you all are. I am not yet a long arm owner but hope to be in the coming months. I have learned so many little tips and tricks on this site. Just wonderful. Thanks to all of you I am now addicted to I do have one question...What does NQR mean?
  11. I want to take the plundge into LA quilting and after researching machines I think Millie is the one for me. I would be interested in a good used Millie if anyone out there has one for sale. I live in central CT. Thanks all. Jeanie