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  1. Has this sold yet. I have a milli that i've been thinking of getting this for? Rebecca:)
  2. My phone number is (618)444-9421. but i got it its working great again Barb thank You now Back to work
  3. Yeah Thanks So much Millie is feeling much better Now! I'll post a pic of the quilt I'm working on when I'm done Thanks again Rebecca
  4. Ok my tension tdiscs fell out onto my quilt Itryed doing as the book instructs but what i have and what is in the pictures and directions don't look the same can someone help me! I'm working on a customer quilt and this is a real pain! Not in the pictures is the spring
  5. Is there anyone who has the Micro drive Handles that wants to sell them??????????? Thanks Rebecca
  6. Welcom. I got my Millie about a month ago. I love it and the Ladies on the forum are a great source of information and inspiration. good Luck:D Rebecca
  7. I have a base expander but how much do you want for the fence and stencils. I'd love to get these for my Millie:D Rebecca
  8. thanks that worked well:D
  9. I was wondering how I could Partipate in the block exchange? Rebecca:)
  10. I Just got a millinum in feb so i don't need the machine. I was wonder if you would be willing to sell just your hartley products and if so how much for each Thanks Rebecca
  11. :mad:I have a Millinuem I got in Feb. When using the Needle up down button the needle wll go down like it is suppose to but when i push it again to make it go back up most of the time it just keeps going up and down and sometimes It is hard to get it to stop. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Rebecca