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  1. 2013 APQS New Generation Longarm Quilting Machine with all the trimmings. This FREEDOM Machine comes equipped with stitch regulator, simple touch pad controls, low bobbin indicator, top thread break sensor, multi position handles, black LED light, single stitch button, auto needle position, laser stylus, APQS bobbin winder.... The 12 ft table is BLISS equipped, easy height adjustment, adjustment free take up roller. Options include motorized fabric advance and hydraulic table lift. All taxes and import duties already paid...this machine is built for the canadian market...ie CSA certifi
  2. I do this all the time and use my serger to sew the two pieces together....no problem with the seam and i use Hobbs 80/20 batting with minky.
  3. I wish i had walked away....mailed a quilt back to a customer in Indiana and forgot to stipple around one of the butterflies in a very busy Quilt....the darn thing was on my frame for a week and i wanted it gone...wish i had walked away and finished it the next day....i feel like a complete A**
  4. Thanks Heidi....they were showing last night. Have to get familiar with this forum format again to find out how to post pictures and or delete my posts....lol
  5. I just cant upload the pictures... Sorry, thought to share this beautiful quilt.
  6. Post deleted....posted same one twice...sorry
  7. I put some anti skid fabric on clean rollers and tie strapped that. Cleaned the brake of all clue residue and i am very happy with the results. Should it become necessary to replace it, no big deal, have lots of tie straps and shelf liner, and it looks nice and clean.
  8. I have a metal brake...so cannot staple velcro to brake...i don't roll without releasing brake, but do like a tight sandwich.....i might give the shelf liner a go. I seem to spend too much time cleaning roller with goo gone and repositioning velcro only to do it again soon after. Thanks for your input.
  9. Hello friends, long time no see. Hope you are all well and stitching happily along. I have a problem in that the velcro on my break keeps coming off. I attach it again, clean all the clue from the roller, but to no avail. I had the same problem with my previous frame. I know i am not unique to this and wonder what others have done to solve this problem. I am actually thinking of glueing the velcro right to the roller....when i can find some that width. Thanks and happy Saturday.
  10. I am doing a lot of pebbles today and perhaps my freddie is tired. When in manual mode, she surges and even quits stitching. I hit the button again and she goes just fine, but she keeps surging. In SR mode, sometimes the lights slightly flicker, but otherwise she is doing fine. Yes, i checked all the connections and plugs, this is my brand spanking new 2013 Freedom. I will check the grounding strap, but hubby put it on and he likes things tight, so I doubt thats it. Any ideas anyone? I have many hours of quilting yet to do...thanks a bunch. PS, yes, I have a surge protector, and
  11. Thanks so much. I looked at Pinterest but there isn't much for the Tennessee Waltz....never though to look for DWR's. would have uploaded a picture of the Quilt but my iPad pics are to large to upload here
  12. I just received the go ahead to go "crazy" with this quilt. It is a beautiful Tennessee Waltz pattern in batiks. Any suggestions as to how to quilt it? I don't want feathered wreaths in the big areas....this is modern and I am thinking lines, curves and pebbles...... Has anyone quoted one like this and do you ave a picture to show me? I would love some help. Thanks a bunch
  13. Thanks everyone. I persevered and gritted my teeth and looked at Amy's video 10 times front to back. It is all together and i am on the third row of my Quilt with good tension front and back and no thread breakage. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed please that everything is where it should be. Thanks again for your help and thoughts.....and YES, keep hands clear of bobbin area when you pushing buttons, or better yet, shut power off when cleaning and stuff.... Monika
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