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  1. ((((Shirley)))) I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. After losing my husband age 54 very suddenly, it's coming up 9 years in January. All I can tell you is I found the first 2 years extremely hard. The first year I don't think the reality of it hit me. Just don't be to hard on yourself and allow yourself time to grieve. Don't let other tell you it's time you where over it. As Oma said the ache will always be there, but as time goes by you find it gets easier and you will be able to smile while remembering those special times xx
  2. After finding I had ovarian cysts when I was 50, I had my ovaries and womb removed. Thankfully I was very lucky and the cysts were benign. I went on hormones tablets or a while then because I would forget to take them the doctor gave me hormone patches. But after 2 years I decided I did not want to take hormones anymore. I had the odd Hot flash but nothing I could not put up with. It did take me several months to recover as my wound was cut downwards as opposed to across the bikini line. If you can try the patches as you only need to change them twice a week. Good luck with the op, and after take it easy and don't try do more than you can.
  3. Thanks Meg, that is a help. I did some googling too and they have a page on how to do it. Just need to find time
  4. Congratulations, you are in for a lot of fun with your new baby.
  5. Does anyone know how to attach your domain name to your Blog. I have a website but it gets very little traffic. Using my domain. Are for my blog sounds like a plan.
  6. Owen is a cutie, and his quilt is adorable !
  7. Dell, fabulous work ! I can see you are loving your Quilt Path
  8. Oma, love this. It's been in my list to make for a while.
  9. Dell fabulous quilts. Love your choice of designs. I have both them. Patricia Ritters designs are great.
  10. Your granddaughter is beautiful, and I love her playmats !
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