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  1. So very lovely.I really like the little feathers on the hooks !!!
  2. Linzi Your Quilt is so beautiful. How long did it take you make ?. Your patience must be imense to sew all that applique. Fantastic work !!!
  3. Hi Linzi Your quilt is beautiful. Love everything about it. I Hope it gets accepted for the show in Hungary. Your new Hairstyle looks great too !!!
  4. Hi Sue Thank you for your reply. I was lucky enough to find a online store in the UK that sells Maltilda's own. It does feel lovely. This is my first time using anything with a wool content. So I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  5. Hi everyone I have just bought some Maltida's Own 60% wool/40% Polyester, batting, which has a polyester scrim.I have never used this one before, so I am not sure whether the Scrim should face the backing or the quilt top. Any advice will be very much appreciated.
  6. Jill Your Quilt is fabulous If I could achieve a 10th of what you have done I would be happy I have a subscription to Jenny Haskins magazines and look and dream but I have not had the courage to try one yet. Be very proud !!!
  7. Hi Claudia Thank you for the welcome. I spent a pleasant time last night veiwing your web shots albums. Your open house albums with APQS looked great fun Regards Kath
  8. I am so pleased for you Rita Have a great trip Happy Quilting Kath
  9. Hi Linzi You are definately going to be busy. I had a look at the web site for the OEQC Holland. It looks like a good venue. Are you entering any of your quilts ?. Hopefully I will get up to visit my mum in law sometime in the summer, so I would love to call in and meet you. Coffee & muffins, tea & scones, gin & tonic all sounds great BTW I love reading your Blog.
  10. Hi Everyone It is lovely to see so many UK quilters Chris Thank you for the welcome, Yes you are a bit further down form me. Sadly i am not to good at travel, unless I have a chauffeur (one of my kids:D) But if I ever get down your way it would be great to see your Lenni. Hi Tracy I would love to get to Birmingham. I also would love to be able to afford and fit a Millie into my home, but that is not going to happen unless I get a lottery win like you after lots or research on the web I keep coming back to the Lenni. If i do get to go to Birmingham It would be great to meet up. Hi Li
  11. Hi I recieved Kim's Beginner DVD and Twirly Feather's book and DVD last week, I am very much a novice, but truly am enjoying and learning so much from them. Kim has a very calming way to me in her teaching. Also I am in the UK and the postage was very fair. Thank you Kim. Most times when I order from the USA, the postage is fair, the only time that upset me was when I ordered fabric from the Fat Quarters. They posted through UPS and my end UPS charged me as much as the fabric cost in charges. If I get caught with the Customs, the UK post office charges are bad as they charge a han
  12. Hi Jessica Like Laura I am another wannabe Longarmer, shortarming right now. I have been reading this thread and agree with all that has been said. Oh how I wish I could quilt like you !!! your work is so beautiful Happy Quilting Kath in UK
  13. Thank you Dib Hopefully I wont have to wait to long so I can have the love relationship with Lenni:D It is so good to hear from so many people that are happy with the machines Happy Quilting Kath in the UK
  14. Nadia Thank you so much for all your help, advice and the Photos. It is very much appreciated. Best Wishes Kath in the UK
  15. Hi RitaR and Nadia Thank you for your help. I would love to go try out the machines, but sadly here in the UK there is only one dealer, and I think they only have a Millenium and George setup, and they are a rather long way from where I live. They do come and set them up in your home though, which is good. Another question if you dont mind:) What is the stitching space on the Lenni and the Liberty. I cannot seem to find any info that. Aslo how does the takeup pole and payout poles work ? are they on a rachet system, or something else Happy Quilting Kath in the UK
  16. Thank you so much for your help and advise. it is very much appreciated. Right now, i would love to just go order the Lenni or the Liberty, but I am in the process of putting my house up for sale. It is going to hard to wait,till the house is sold and I move, My main priority will be making sure I have room for which ever one I choose. Thank you once again Happy quilting Kath in the UK
  17. Hi everyone First I would like to say hello ,and say what a great forum you have. I love reading all your posts, and am learning lots, and spending my pennies on the books and DVD's that have been recommended. At present I quilt with a Shortarm, but have fallen in love with the APQS machines. I am looking at the Lenni or possibly the Liberty, as I am only a novice quilter and do not have room for the Millenium. (Wish i did though:D ) Would someone mind telling me what I would lose by going with the Lenni as opposed to the Liberty. I can see that all of the controls are on the handles