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  1. Kimberley, congrats on getting your BasiQ. It sounds like you have really picked it fast, having finished 9 quilts already. We need photos I bought the BasiQ in June 2013 and absolutely loved it but, and I say but not in a bad way. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to upgrade to the ClasiQ tablet. I found I wanted to be able to have the options of the extra tools available, but mainly for me I found using the BasiQ tablet a little hard as my eye sight (age related ) is not as good as it was. If you are sure you will only want to do pantos the BasiQ will be fabulous. But like Judith s
  2. Heidi, Maddison is in my thoughts, praying the judge make the correct decision .
  3. That is so pretty, and I love your quilting choices !!!
  4. Wow that is a beauty and your quilting is gorgeous !!!
  5. Absolutely beautiful , quilt and quilting !!!
  6. I agree its a good idea to buy new designs as you need them for particular quilts, but it's not as simple as that ....LOL.... Some of my favourites are Urban Elementz, they have had some really lovely new E2E released lately. DigitechPatterns, Ann Bright. Plus loads more. OneSongNeedleArts are having a long term sale right now, patterns being only a few dollars each. I have a Pinternet board where I add E2E patterns that I have bought or would like to buy at some point. http://www.pinterest.com/kathgarvey/digital-quilting-designs/ Also here is IQs pattern page were there are links to load
  7. That is beautiful, I love how you have done different designs in the hexagons !!
  8. Oh wow Linda that is beautiful, and your quilting is exquisite !!!
  9. Very pretty quilt !!
  10. Joan, like everyone else I think you are being to critical of your work. To me it looks fine. !!
  11. Charlotte, that is Stunning the thread painting and the quilting !!!
  12. Corey, beautiful quilting and beautiful appliqué !!!
  13. Hi everyone I'm just wondering if anyone know if Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 wadding has changed at all ? I just received a new roll and it seems a lot softer and not scratchy like my last roll. Mind the last roll I bought would be over two years ago. At first I thought they had sent me 100% cotton instead! but on checking it is definitely 80/20. Just a totally different feel to it.
  14. Corey love your quilting choices, they both look great !!
  15. Vickie, that looks gorgeous , your quilting choices are great!!!
  16. That is lovely and your quilt in is great !!
  17. Janice, that is beautiful, quilt and quilting !!!
  18. Dell so glad to hear Bobby is doing well, will keep you both in my prayers and thoughts for fast healing .