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  1. Heidi, that is so cute, look forward to photos when you finish the quilting !!!
  2. I think you were correct to choose the black thread. Love the whole quilt looks wonderful !!!
  3. Linda, love how you quilted this top and your stitching around the faux appliqué looks great. I'm also glad you mentioned about the placing of feathers and the need for tweaking. I remember a while back reading a thread on Facebook were the people really think quilters with Computer systems just press a button and away it goes. There is so much more to a Computer system than that.
  4. Libby that is gorgeous, love your quilting !!!
  5. Forgot to say, that on this one I did reduce the size of the wings a little and I made the Feather blocks 11". The finished about 44" x 44". You could make it larger by adding more feathered quilt blocks.
  6. Hi Lynne Do you mean the Angel Wings baby quilt. Below is an image of the one I did on my Lenni. I have the IQ system but you should be able to do it on the Quilt Path as well. I did the filler behind the wings in freehand as I had not mastered the no sew zone then.next time I make one I will use rays or crosshatch behind the wings.
  7. Chris that looks fabulous ...love the quilting !!!
  8. I use the extra wide backs if possible. I have found I always have to tear to get a straight edge. I usually make a snip about 2" from the edge and tear. By the time I reach the other end that 2" will have grown anything from 4" to 6". I do wish the quilt shops would also tear. But lessons learned, I now always buy at least an extra 1/4 metre to make sure I have enough for the backing.
  9. Libby I really love how you quilted this..looks fantastic !!!
  10. Hi Zeke, I would also be interested in seeing your friction locks.
  11. Valerie, the last quilt I have just finished. I had a big problem. It seemed to start of stitching ok and the stitches looked fine.....BTW I was using IQ...anyways I let it get on with it. Go to start second row and realize there is a problem I was getting loose stitches on the top and then it would stitch fine then it seemed to jump a couple of stitches and then more loose stitches. Sometimes the thread would break. I frogged both rows as when I went to check the first row which I thought was ok. It wasn't , the colour of the thread and fabric hid the problems. It was quite a dense pattern
  12. Jennifer Congratulations....they all look fabulous !!!
  13. Carmen, that looks wonderful....I can see you are enjoying your Quilt Path!
  14. Valerie this has turned out beautiful..the straight lines really suit the quilt design.!!!
  15. Carmen your string quilt is gorgeous....and you seem to have really mastered the Quilt Path with beautiful custom quilting !!!!