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  1. Thanks for the tip Linda... ....I have a spare set of zippers but not the flip set. I'm trying to picture how they work.
  2. Sorry if I sound stupid,.....but what is a Croydon ? Just realised your message header says Crydom, so after a search I now know it is some sort of relay switch.....
  3. While deciding which robotics/ computer system to buy, I downloaded the Quilt Path demo to my computer to try it out. My computer is an IMac , and I run Window 7 through Parallels. Quilt Path runs fine. Hope this helps.
  4. Connie , I can relate to your list except for the not charging enough, as right now I seem to just give my quilts away. I am building up to the not charging enough
  5. Linda, as always your quilting is wonderful. I really like your style of cross hatching , thank you for sharing and explaining how you did this.
  6. That looks wonderful....great quilting too!!!!
  7. Originally I did have a setup similar to the bobbin cam, but ended taking it off as on my Lenni there was too much clutter for me plus now I have the IQ so no room. Now if I want to look at the backing I use either my ipad of iPhone to take a photo. It gives me a good enough shot to see if my stitches are OK.
  8. Hi Rita glad you liked them. I went and checked for you. You can choose QLI (Statler format ) and TXT format , which I think is PC quilter format, you can also use DXF, but it seems they think the QLI format is the best choice.
  9. Thanks Rita for posting the links. Here are a couple of my favourites. Lots of beautiful blocks on this site, and some modern and traditional designs http://www.houseofcreations.biz This is Anita Shacklefords website. Love her modern designs. You need to click on the link to see everything. http://anitashackelford.com/digital_world.html
  10. Hi Tonilyn I don't have one to sell. But you will find one here http://www.lorienquilting.com/shop/index.php/dahlia.html
  11. Connie, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. Dell, that is beautiful, gorgeous quilting !!!
  13. Linda that is a beautiful quilt, with superb quilting !!
  14. Hi Angela, Thanks for the info. Will pop over and have a look. I also use Dropbox for my digital and embroidery files. Love the way it syncs between my ipad and IMac. Definatelly recommend it. I love being able to save my files to a cloud service, because even with my Time machine and external hard drives you just never know when something might fail.
  15. Amazing quilt with amazing quilting....fabulous work !!!
  16. Hi again Just remembered I saw a short video how to do this. She is only working on a small piece, but it makes more sense when you see being done
  17. Hi Tonilyn Here is a link from Mqresource forum for a tutorial on how to add extra fabric to the backing while still on the frame. Hope it helps. http://mqresource.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1937-adding-backing-on-the-longarm/#entry20528
  18. Janette, that is so gorgeous, I love your background fill, very pretty. Also like the way you quilted the border. !!!
  19. (((((Liam))))) I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your Father. I will keep your Mother, you and all your family in my prayers and thoughts.