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  1. I thought I attached a picture of the babe, but NOT, guess I'll have to read up and try again.
  2. Our newest grand daughter arrived late Friday night. She was three weeks early so quite a surprise!! She is a little peanut at 5 lbs. 10 oz. Both mom ( our daughter) and baby are doing well. Live is good
  3. Agreed! I love Circle Lord for both the long boards and all the other goodies. I also use the up front spiro thingy allot for block and corner fillers, and the featherz disk, and the aztec disk and ...... you get the picture. IMHO a much more cost effective option than a computerized drive system.
  4. I saw it, up close. Did not run it, but played with the Millie that the new system was mounted on (cuz I wanted to try the bliss). With the system disengaged I could not even tell it was there, and engaging the system was as easy as the flip of a switch. Also the price is right, so even though I really was not in the market for a computerized system, I am very tempted.
  5. I put this one right into my fav's. I WILL have time to make one of my own one day.
  6. Beautiful! You should take time off work more often.
  7. If it will make your heart sing AND you can responsibly afford it then what is there to regret? If you are feeling selfish about quilting only for yourself there are always charity quilts and gifts you can quit for others. They are great machines, I love mine and quilting makes my heart sing, guilt is for liars and thieves.
  8. I have quilted minky backs with no problem. I put a 3" muslin border all the way around to solve the stretching problem and a loose design. I really love the way the minky looks when it's quilted!!
  9. Ardelle you are an amazing quilter. Your designs are so interesting and imaginative!!
  10. Very pretty, your quilting added just the right amount of bling.
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