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    yankiequilter reacted to LibbyG in Two wallhangings   
    These were made by my reproduction customer.  She just chose two blocks she liked for the wall hangings and put them together.  She wanted her "Indigo in Baskets" customed. This was the first time I used a light thread in a feather wreath on a dark background.  It took me forever because I wanted the backtracks to be spot on.  (Most were!)  Then when I decided to put feathers in the baskets, I used matching thread as it went way faster!.
    Her "Flocks and Baskets" was so busy we just used a pantograph to give it movement.  So Fine and Bottom Line.  She provided warm and natural batting.
    Indigo in Baskets by Libby G, on Flickr
    Indigo in Baskets (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Indigo in Baskets (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Flocks and Baskets (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    yankiequilter reacted to LeannM in "Flight Path" is finally done!   
    Millie and I finally finished this queen size quilt for OUR bed!  Completely free motion without the use of computers is how I work.....I've dubbed it "Flight Path" because of all those flying geese!!!!  Sew happy!

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    yankiequilter reacted to Primitive1 in ----SOLD-----Machine Quilting Magazines 2015/June 2016   
    Thanks Cathy!  He is such a little cutie!!!

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    yankiequilter reacted to LibbyG in A Day at the Zoo   
    A friend pieced this quilt.  She only wanted light quilting and flat batting.  I used So Fine and Bottom Line.  Since I'm not really creative, I googled the animals and looked at their backgrounds.
    A Day at the Zoo by Libby G, on Flickr
    A Day at the Zoo (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
    A Day at the Zoo (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    yankiequilter reacted to ffq-lar in Suggestions needed for quilter's estate sale!   
    I'm sending good thoughts and a gentle hug, Lin.
    As for the quilter's garage sale---it should be advertised exactly as that and you'll be overrun with buyers. I've seen several pricing methods. One was by the yard---the buyer measured the fabric she wanted on the honor system and paid for the total yardage---$5 per yard. FQs and smaller pieces were done by weight--$5 per pound. A yard of good quality fabric is a bit less than a pound. This way, no one had to measure and price each piece, which takes an army if there is a big stash. Don't do any cutting! Notions in close-to-perfect shape/rulers with instructions, etc---half regular retail. Used notions and partial spools of thread--set up a table with everything the same price---like $2. For our quilt guild boutique at the last show we bagged like-items (six zippers, 5 spools of thread, used notions, buttons, etc, into $2 grab bags. Those went fast! Here's the other method I saw recently. Regular sized paper grocery bags---all you can fit in the bag for $20. This way, only minimal sorting and no pricing. The fabric that was left was sold two week later at $15 per bag. The price went down every couple of weeks until most of the stuff was gone. Put "Prices Firm" signs out so there's no haggling. Quilters know a bargain when they see it. Good luck!
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    yankiequilter reacted to FloridaMissy in Sauder Village Quilt Show   
    I entered 3 quilts in this years show.  Received 2 Honorable Mentions and Judges Choice.  Thought I'd share a picture.

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    yankiequilter reacted to EHonour in Two new QoV quilts   
    Beth and I are finally back from our winter RV trip to Florida, and I'm getting to pet Lucius again.  He was pining away, but perked up when I started loading a quilt from the backlog that had developed.  I had a couple of volunteer Quilts of Valor from the local guild, but we had also been doing some piecing while in the RV.  
    Here are the two QoV jobs, ready for some veteran.  Some unknown else-person in the guild did the piecing, but I did the quilting and binding.  Both were pantographs, and I was playing with some new panto rolls that I bought from Judy Lyons (Meadowlyon Designs) at QuiltWeek Daytona.  Glide thread top and bottom, different colors.   Used Magna-Glide prewound bobbins.  The green quilt has Glide 60wt on the back, which is nice because it means fewer bobbin changes, but I didn't have the 60wt in a blue for the flag quilt.  The binding is a cute all-machine flange binding that I learned to do a few months ago; it takes about two hours for each quilt with no handwork.

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    yankiequilter reacted to Silk cocoon in Do you do embroidery?   
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    yankiequilter reacted to LibbyG in Blossoms, Bees and Bugs   
    My customer pieced this quilt using a pattern from the book GARDEN STITCHES by Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings.  She named the quilt.  Because of her unique background, I had some trouble quilting this.  She didn't want stippling, just a mixture of feathers and spirals etc.  She gave me Warm and Natural and I used So Fine and Bottom Line.  
    Garden Stitches by Libby G, on Flickr
    Garden Stitches (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Garden Stitches or Blossoms, Bees and Bugs by Libby G, on Flickr
    Garden Stitches by Lisa Bongean by Libby G, on Flickr
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    yankiequilter got a reaction from LibbyG in Sandy Klop's SIX PACK and Bonnie Hunter's ON RINGO POND   
    They look wonderful, you nailed it again, Libby!
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    yankiequilter reacted to Kwiltr in Moroccan Vibe-ish   
    It must be picture day today!  I just finished binding this quilt I finished quilting right before Christmas. Yesterday was finally dry enough with a little break through light in the clouds so ran outside for pictures. This quilt is a takeoff of the SKOW Moroccan Vibe, enlarged to fit our bed to 96”x 117. This was the quilt I asked so many questions here about double batting and hopping foot height etc.   It was certainly a learning experience in so many ways.  Quilted on Lenni. 

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    yankiequilter got a reaction from LibbyG in String of Pearls   
    Oh, Libby, it is gorgeous!
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    yankiequilter got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Stitch In the Ditch on longarm   
    I mostly quilt for myself and almost exclusively do custom quilting, ditching all blocks, sashing and borders.  In the past I used monopoly however earlier this year switched to Wonderfil's  Invisifil and Superior's Micro Quilter and I believe both of these threads are 100wt poly.  They are extremely fine, blend very well, and I can see it a lot better than the monopoly so it is easier to find the thread and thread the needle.  I have used the Invisifil and Micro Quilter for stitching around applique as well as background quilting.   For all over quilting I do as posted by fbaldwin.
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    yankiequilter got a reaction from LisaC in Stitch In the Ditch on longarm   
    I mostly quilt for myself and almost exclusively do custom quilting, ditching all blocks, sashing and borders.  In the past I used monopoly however earlier this year switched to Wonderfil's  Invisifil and Superior's Micro Quilter and I believe both of these threads are 100wt poly.  They are extremely fine, blend very well, and I can see it a lot better than the monopoly so it is easier to find the thread and thread the needle.  I have used the Invisifil and Micro Quilter for stitching around applique as well as background quilting.   For all over quilting I do as posted by fbaldwin.
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    yankiequilter reacted to harcathy in Baby gift   
    Made this little quilt for baby shower gift for a coworker. I’m new to ruler work and am pleased with the result. Just needs binding 

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    yankiequilter got a reaction from LibbyG in Cutting Strips for piecing/binding   
    I use the 2-1/4" Accuquilt die for binding, seldom use the 2-1/2" die any more.  I also have the 1", 1-1/4",  1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2" dies and use them for cutting strips for string quilts and inner borders for quilts.  I recently used the 1-1/2" die to cut strips for a queen size log cabin quilt.  After cutting the strips I cross cut to the exact length that I needed the pieces and it worked great.  This is the first time that I have tried cross cutting and it was not a problem.  If you do it, remember to line up the fabric straight or perpendicular to the knives so that the pieces are square/rectangular as you require.
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    yankiequilter got a reaction from piecrust in Which type of pen do you use? ... or which fabric?   
    I use the Sakura Micron pens to touch up tiny areas on quilts where the thread might need to be colored to hide an oops, for example where SID wanders outside the ditch for a few stitches.
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    yankiequilter reacted to qltnbe in Gathering Baskets   
    I finally put one of my own quilts on my Millie.  I had been putting it off because I wanted to do custom and knowing that I wanted it just perfect for myself kept me from just jumping in.  Doesn't matter that I can do custom on customer quilts.  For some reason....that's different.  I think I am pretty happy with what I have done.  

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    yankiequilter reacted to LibbyG in Applique wall hangings   
    My customer loves to applique using reproduction fabrics.  The first quilt is called Flowers for Carol.  She won a blue ribbon in the Bedford quilt show for small applique wall hangings.  The second quilt was just finished.  She likes warm and natural batting.  I used Bottom line on the top and the bottom in the crosshatching.
    Flowers for Carol by Libby G, on Flickr
    Flowers for Carol (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    applique by Libby G, on Flickr
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    yankiequilter reacted to whitepinesquilter in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    UPDATE:   I am not getting the Millie I had planned on. But I'm still very excited. Because I bought a very lightly used 2009 Freedom - and it was only 65 miles from my home.  It has the quilt advance and hydraulic leg lifts, and I am upgrading the table to Bliss!!
    Hi ladies and gents, I haven't been on here in ages after going through a second shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and impingement problems.  My last surgery was 1 1/2 years ago, and I have been back to my heavy textile repair sewing and longarming for just a few months.  I never regained all my strength back in my arms/shoulders so it's been a struggle to move my Ulti I around and get the smooth circles and feathers I used to do. I have M&M wheels on it and Intellistitch stitch regulation, but spending a lot to get a new table that could be blissed just didn't make sense to us.  Sooo,  I am making the jump!! Head first!! To a blissed Millie!!! God is good!  My Ulti I is still, and has been, an amazing machine set up.  I bought it from the original owner who sewed duvets and lined drapes together. She didn't use it much and eventually took it down and stored it for years. I bought it in 2011, added stitch regulation in 2012, quilted as I could while going through all the shoulder issues, and now am upgrading myself! I will be selling my Ulti soon, but I want to wait until my new one is here and going as I do memory quilts and other customer quilts.  At that time I'll list the Ulti for sale here.  I just have to keep pinching myself - this is real!
    I wanted to share a few pics of the memory quilts I recently made. These were made with personal love and tears as they are made from my younger brother's Lee's shirts.  He passed away at only 50 years old, and I made quilts for his daughter, grandson, and mom.  It is amazing how comforting these were to make, and so much more to see them bring comfort to them.
    Blessings to you all,   Marci, Ulti I w/Intellistitch & M&M's
    Marci's Quilting & Sewing

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    yankiequilter reacted to Gator in Latest blog post is up - just some food for thought   
    Thank you Sharon, I appreciate the info and kind words.  I did 27 years in the Navy and loved every minute of it.  Our National Anthem still brings tears to my eyes.
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    yankiequilter reacted to Oma in NQR - "Dignity" statue in SD and other stuff   
    Hi.  It's been awhile since I've been on here.  It's been a hard year.  First four months dealing with asthma and bronchitis.  Then I injured my knee and shoulder on my way to Portland in June for one granddaughter's graduation from high school and another's birth of my second great granddaughter.  I missed them both.  I took my seat belt off, turned around, rested my knee on the seat and reached into the back seat of the pickup to get something.  Felt immediate pain in my left knee like I had knelt on a jagged rock and in my right shoulder.  We drove straight through (over 700 miles) to get to Portland and this happened a little over midway.  Within 24 hours I couldn't walk at all nor use my arm.  I was seen in ER and the decision was made to make a beeline for home.  OMG was that ever the hardest thing.  Thank goodness for good pharmaceuticals.  I called both my private Dr and my ortho dr for appts on the drive home.  Had to play the game...x-rays, MRI's, injections and finally surgery at the end of August.  I shredded the meniscus on one side and tore the one on the other side in my left knee plus a couple of other things.  No rotator cuff tear, but being on crutches all this time has taken it's toll on allowing it to heal.  I'm still on crutches and it sucks big time.  I'm planning to try another trip this week.  DH has an Aikido seminar in Seattle so I'm tagging along and getting off in Portland for a couple of days.  
    Now, what I intended to do here was show you a picture of a statue I love.  My daughter had to go to SD last week so I asked her to take a picture of it for me.  It's called "Dignity".  It's a 50 foot tall statue of an Indian Maiden holding a Star Quilt (they called it a blanket, but we all know better) built in Chamberlain, SD on a hillside overlooking the Missouri river.  It's the most beautiful thing.  

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    yankiequilter reacted to EHonour in Lavender Rose 2   
    I have now finished Lavender Rose and submitted it to a local show this morning.  This was a big project for me, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.
    This is a Christmas keepsake gift for my oldest (14-y-o) granddaughter Kennedy, who loves the color lavender.  I have always called her "Paw-Paw's Princess," and hence the tiara in the center.  I chose the fairly simple Eleanor Burns "Romance Rose" pattern so there would be lots of white space for me to use in more advanced quilting than I have done.
    It's a Queen size, as you can see on the bed.  The back and binding are completely white.  (Well, actually, it's a gorgeous white-on-white pattern fabric.)  I used Glide 60 white both top and bottom, with MagnaGlide bobbins.  I'm still experimenting with bobbins, and these seem to work very well.  Easy to use, too.  I've tried self-wound aluminum bobbins and paper bobbins, but I think I like the MagnaGlide best.  It's double batted for greater loft of the features, with Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and Hobbs wool on top.  Changed colors to Glide 40 on top for the yellow and lavender.
    (APQS:  Please don't post this quilt on Facebook!  It's a Christmas gift, and I would hate for my granddaughter to see it on FB first!)

    The outside interior is feathered hearts; I marked the hearts and the boundaries with disappearing pen prior to doing the feathers freeform.  Corner hearts are a bit different.  Ruler work on the border garlands, both the curves and the straight-line fill.  Ruler SID on the yellow/green roping.  Ruler SID around the green leaves and lavender roses.

    The entire center surround is done with "Nemeshing," partially inspired by Libby's award-winning quilt.  I took the class from Bethanne Nemesh at QuiltWeek Fall Paducah to learn from the originator how to do it.  It was my addition to include the vining that touches and grounds all the lavender roses.

    Last month, I really appreciated seeing Libby's insight into her approach - so I thought I'd offer a bit of my pre-work and thinking, also.  After establishing the basic ideas, I did a partial-full sketch of the entire quilt to try out the ideas and see if I liked it.  That also established some details about where to put hearts, where to Nemesh, and what to do with the tiara.  Then, before loading the quilt, I did some practice on my white board.  That helped me to "seal in" the physical motions of the freehand heart feathers.  It was also done to full scale, so it helped me to size the various parts of the motifs.  (e.g. How many feathers does it take to get from bottom to top of the heart?  What to do with the more cramped interior of the hearts?)  White boards are great, because I can erase part of something and try again.  I did such a white board practice for each major motif, and took pictures of them to retain the memory while quilting.  I found I needed that, because the first hearts were rolled up into the take-up roll when I was working on the later hearts; I wanted to make sure they were all the same!

    And then, as a chuckle, I thought I'd throw in this pic of my studio while in work.  It gets rather messy with all the tools - and the eight various long-arm rulers aren't even shown; they are at the other end of Lucius in another tangle.  I put them all away between quilts, but they migrate out while I'm working.  (Yes, I know.  The machine says "Lucey," but don't believe him; he's sexually challenged.)

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    yankiequilter reacted to delld in Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick   
    today it is ugly and rainy with a Northeaster. SO I'm working on my SIL,'s Halloween quilt using the blocks in Jessica;s set. Love how it is working out. Thought you would enjoy! Using Superior's Rainbows thread and no problem with it today. It must be the Rain!!!
    20170930_160401 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    20170930_154450 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    yankiequilter reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Customer Service   
    As Customer Service Director, I appreciate your candid feedback! If you have not received the kind of service you expect, please let me know so that we can remedy the situation as quickly as possible. We do take pride in our customer service, and if we have fallen down on the job we want to make it right. Unfortunately, if we aren't alerted to a problem, then we can't fix it. If you have not had an issue resolved to your satisfaction, please let me know.
    I understand the desire to have more customer service technicians around the world to help customers who are not willing or able to do the repairs themselves. We'd like that too!  In fact, if you haven't looked at our "retailer" listings lately, be sure to do so--we have spent the past two years training nearly 50 of our dealers to become certified technicians who can do service work both in their stores or studios as well as "in the field". You can search for retailers who are certified technicians based on zip code or even by the certified tech designation.
    We have three more training sessions set up through next June that will bring that number up to well over 75 trained service people across the US, Canada, and Europe. Once our dealers have been trained, we will work to add more technicians who are "outside" of the APQS dealer family but are interested in receiving the training. That will make it easier for customers to find a regional service center for help with their machines if needed. While we'd love to have a technician on every corner just like Starbucks, as a small, family-owned company that is a bit out of our reach at the moment.
    The good news is that these machines are built to industrial standards and are designed for years of heavy use before the machine parts start showing wear and tear and need more than simply oiling and checking motor brushes. That's how we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the machines. If they were prone to problems or frequent breakdowns, we'd go broke with warranty repairs. We realize that despite that reliability, some quilters just feel better if they have the machine "looked over" on a regular basis, which is a service that our certified techs can still provide. But it is also something that machine owners can also do themselves through a "mini spa kit" (see below).
    Many longarmers are convinced that their machines need a yearly "servicing" just like their home sewing machine. That may the case with other brands, but APQS machines do NOT need a yearly servicing. If a quilter keeps the machine clean, oils the machine properly, and checks the motor brushes annually, (all of which are described in detail in the machine manual found on the CD or USB that came with the machine and on our "Support" section of the APQS website) then even a machine used every single day for a business will not need typically need "servicing" until the 7th or 8th year of ownership. It's at that point of full-time use that the 'wear and tear' parts on the machine start affecting the stitch quality and will need repair or replacement.
    However, it IS still a machine, after all, and once in a while a machine may need attention before that point in time. We designed the machine so that any repairs are not only simple to do, but also user-friendly and more cost-effective than having to pay for a technician to make a house call or experience 'down time' by sending the machine back to the factory. But both of those options are available, along with certified technicians in the field, to help when needed.
    Regarding our "Spa in the Box", it is currently not listed on our online store, but that IS available for purchase for customers who call in to order it and doit  themselves. The Mini Spa kit includes instructions on how to 'check' the machine over, along with basic wear and tear parts for replacement if needed. The Deluxe Spa kit assumes the machine is due for that 7-8 year "check up" and that parts will be replaced for sure, rather than just 'evaluated'. We haven't listed it on the store at this time due to the variety of APQS models available--we want to be sure we send the correct repair parts to match the model.
    However, Lisa brings up a good point--we could list it on the store and simply request that the customer call us directly to place the order.
    If you're interested in either of the Spa Kits, you can call our Parts Team at 800-426-7233 or email us at parts@apqs.com for more info.
    And if you're struggling with your machine and need help, please let me know!