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  1. I have edited the posting about the machine. I have sold the pantos and the prewound bobbins from Fil-tec. The rest of the items will stay with the machine!
  2. $11,000.$9,500 Price lowered! I need to sell this machine! You won't be disappointed with it. I have added more photos of the machine in the third posting so you can get a good look at it. I've had a couple of questions that keep coming up in inquiries. It has a motorized feed, the table height is adjustable, it has a stitch regulator and an automatic thread cutter. I'm selling because we're going to retire in the next couple of years and are drastically downsizing everything! It is a very well maintained machine. It was purchased new in 2008. 12 ft table. Routine maintenance in 2011. New wheels in 2011. I have quilted approximately 200 quilts with zero problems. I am including MANY extras with this machine. Bobbin winder, ruler mate extended base, TOWA gauge, Circle Lord circle maker with two design boards (Giant Swirls and Double Baptist Fan), assorted rulers. Basically everything you need to get started. Machine is in North Carolina. Contact me at 704-736-1546 (home) or 704-785-4886 (cell) or
  3. Thank you all so much for caring! Linda S.--wow! you sure have been through the mill with your shoulder. I had no idea shoulders were so fragile! I will hold off making a final decision for awhile. Thanks for all the advice!
  4. I posted this morning about getting out of the quilting business because of shoulder surger, etc. Here's a question. Have any of you had to take an extended break because of illness or whatever? I had been averaging 8 quilts a month. Now it will be 0-2 quilts a month. Is it feasible to even stay in business? I have to pay the state business fees every year, business taxes, etc. that will take me 2 months of quilting to pay off at my slower quilting rate. Can I still be considered a viable business with such a low income? Just wondering........
  5. Linda-thank you and thank you Dave too for the encouraging words. It's my own fault for waiting so long to go see a Doctor! I didn't lift my left arm for so long (told myself it just needed rest) that I can't lift it very far at all now. I guess I haven't been able to foresee that I would be pain free in the future! You give me hope!
  6. Yes-I am still going to do my own and I will still quilt for my quilt guild members ( I only do a few for guild members anyway) I have let a couple of my elderly customers that only do one or two small things a year know that I will still do theirs. I think I just have bad shoulder genes! My Dad has had surgeries on his shoulders too. The Circle Lord quilts are the easiest and least painful to do because using the boards require so little effort that they don't hurt my shoulder at all. (maybe I could just do CL quilts?)Pantos are the worst (although I really like to do pantos) because of the repetative nature of the motion. So...I still have a toe in the water but I'll have to turn so many people away. We need more longarm quilters in this area because there is PLENTY of business!!
  7. I haven't posted in awhile but just had to say how sad I am to stop quilting for others. I strained my shoulder in a marathon two day quilting session back in the spring. It just wasn't getting better so I finally broke down and went to see a Dr..... Low and behold I actually have a torn muscle in my rotator cuff that needs surgery. I have been favoring that shoulder for so long that I have lost quite a bit of range of motion in it too. I have felt all along that being able to help someone turn a quilt top into a quilt is a blessing and I'm thankful for the opportunity to have helped so many people give the gift of a quilt.
  8. Hi Carmen, I have had the exact same problem. The Superbobs with the shiny cardboard side seem to give me more problems than the Superbobs with the brown cardboard sides. one thing to check is make sure when you wind your thread around the two little pulley things on your TOWA gauge that you are not going UNDERNEATH the pulley. That will give you a totally wrong reading. I have to check every bobbin and then I also do the drop test to make sure that everything is A-OK. And yes....sometimes I just can't use a bobbin at all because the tension is terrible on it.
  9. Try a google search to see if you can find some information about your machine. I have an old Singer treadle machine I picked up for $65 at an antique shop in Pennsylvania and it works like a charm. Great for hemming jeans. And yes....Graham Forsdyke is extremely knowledgeable. I bought a Featherweight from him about 10 years ago and I love it!
  10. I use Superior Masterpiece or the Aurifil thread. I really love both of them!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. I hope a donor is found soon.
  12. Congratulations on your first quilt and WELCOME to the forum!
  13. good job! I'm glad all turned out well and she liked the quilting. I'm sure she'll give you plenty of recommendations!
  14. Congratulations!! I love your DVD's and hope to be able to come to one of the big shows and take a class in person some day!