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  1. For machine quilters' specific accounting software, check out "Machine Quilters Business Manager" software by Eureka Documentation. I just ordered my copy ($175.), but haven't received it yet so I can't answer any real questions about it. But, it looks like it's going to be easy-peasy and just what I need. there's a video about it that you can watch on the website. I'm currently taking a small business class through "SCORE" (I'm not sure if that's a national thing or just local) and the class covers business plans, financials, customers etc. The financial portion of the class used Quickbooks and from what I could didn't really apply to my machine quilting business...or at least not easily, that I could tell. Then I found MQBM, and I can't wait to get it in the mail to get started! who would ever think I'd get excited over accounting? the MQBM software is specifically for machine quilting. Just plug in the info and it does all the rest. I'll let you know more after i get it up and running.
  2. That sounds like a good idea. I may have to try that. I like the idea of having a panto notebook too. Thanks for sharing
  3. Someone in my guild gave me a charity baby quilt to quilt and I don't really know what to do on it. the quilt consists of nine 12 1/2 inch squares separated by 2 " sashing. My problem is that each of the squares has an embroidered design centered in the square. I don't really want to spend too much time on the quilt since it's a charity piece but I was thinking of SID around the squares, echoing around the embroidery, and then meandering outside of the echo. Not sure how that will look and I'm not sure if the echo will leave too much unquilted area where the embroidery is. I guess another option would be to use invisible thread and just meander over the whole top? any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. I am beginning to accumulate a bunch of pantos and they're a pain in the neck to keep organized in a way that I can tell what they are without having to unroll each one. How do you organize/categorize/store your pantos to make this easier?
  5. Still waiting for mine to arrive. I thought it would get here yesterday, but definately by today. No such luck, so I'll hope for tomorrow.
  6. OMG, I can't wait! but, I think I'll order some of the pantos online beforehand. That way, they won't get smooshed and it's easier to look at them online as opposed to inline. The good news is that we're driving so I don't have to worry about packing for a plane. And, I have a room right there at the Westin, I think it is, so I can be a member of the "dump and run" club! The bad news is that I can only be there 2 days (Fri & Sat) since I have to work,so hopefully everything won't be gone by then. I'm really excited to take a few classes that are longarm specific, and check out all the longarm gadgets, and gizmos, and meet other longarmers and....I feel like a kid in a candy shop!!! Do I really have to wait another month!!?
  7. I ordered the machine quilters business manager software over the weekend! It should arrive ...maybe today. I'm really psyched to get all of my business stuff organized (not that I have that much yet's best to start at the beginning I think than to have to input a lot of info later) After I ordered it, the site said I would receive an email shortly. It was a bit different from what I've experienced ordering things online so I got a little concerned about the safety of my credit card info. I emailed the company and I recieved an email back from Mary in a very short amount of time. she reassured me that my info was safe and put my mind at ease. Already, I have to say that customer support is excellent and I haven't even received the product yet.
  8. I've never been to MQX so I'm not really sure what to expect as far as vendors/shopping goes. I'm really excited to take a few classes to help my longarm skill development and I can't wait to attend a show that's all about machine quilting. My question is this...will I be able to purchase pantos there or DVD's, or will it mostly be vendors typical to regular quilt shows? I don't know whether I should order those things online or wait to see what's available at MQX. Thanks for providing me with a sneak preview.
  9. Me too. I think I'll order it. I also discovered that you can check out the software for 10 days and can return it if you don't want it and if you don't activate it . I think that in itself is worth it. Do you think it would be available at MQX? Or do you think I should just order it online? Not really sure why I should wait till MQX but.... I hope it's as easy to use as it looks.
  10. I'm thinking of getting software to manage my business. Any thoughts on this software? What do you use?
  11. Thank you for your kind words! Here's the update...I delivered the quilt and told her that there had been a spot on the back that needed attention before I returned it to her. I didn't elaborate on the "spot" and she didn't ask. She loved the quilt! I think in the end I was harder on myself than anyone else would've been. I guess there's still a slight chance that she might notice where the spot was, but if she says anything at that point I'll explain it more in depth. I know that if it were my quilt and I knew that there was a spot, or remnants of a spot, it would drive me nuts, so really, I'd rather not know. But, if it were my quilt, I could throw the whole thing in the washing machine and that would probably be the end of it. It's just that it wasn't my quilt. I feel good about how it ended up. I thank all of you out there in APQSland for helping me get through this ordeal! Your supportive and kind words helped me to persevere!
  12. Although I'm a little afraid, and I've gone back and forth about what I should do, I've decided that I'm going to be honest and say that there was a spot on the back that needed some attention before I returned the quilt to her. If I don't have to, I'm not going to go into detail about it or even try to point out the spot to her. (it's hard to find it anyway, fortunately!) I guess that's sort of a happy medium between telling her and not telling her. I'm being honest by telling her but am leaving out the gory details. Afterall, there will always be some imperfection somewhere on a quilt and I don't feel the obligation to point out every spot where I mess up! And like some have said, there are a lot worse things in life. I think I've punished myself enough over this. I still feel horrible that it happened, but I fixed it and I feel pretty good that if you didn't know where it was you may never even see it. It's the knowing part that's eating at me, and I guess I'll have to live with that. You can be darn sure that I will check and double check and triple check that there is no oil anywhere on my table from now on! That's what you call "LIVE & LEARN"!Thank you for all of your help with this learning experience.
  13. Ok..I'm feeling better now. The stain is very faint at this point but I still know it's there. If I move the quilt to orient it differently and then try to find the spot again, I may be hard pressed to find it easily. I don't know if my customer will even notice it, but I'm torn with should I or shouldn't I tell her? What would you do? What if I don't tell her and then she sees it while she's sewing the binding? themnwhat, do I pretend I didn't know it was there? Ugh. And, if I do tell her, what will she say/think? My family thinks it's not noticeable. I'm probably making more of it than I need to but I feel awful about it. This is my first mishap...and hopeully my last! Fortunatley, it's a lot better than it was last night. I really appreciate all the moral support I've received from you guys.