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  1. Betsy, nice job on the tribute quilt. I've had my machine longer, but I don't do the volume of quilts others on the forum quilt. So, I still try to learn something on every quilt. Great job taking the class and then taking the plunge on a quilt. Lynn
  2. As we wait for snow in Atlanta, that quilt makes my heart scream "Spring!!!!" Great job Dell. Lynn
  3. As always, thank you to everyone for your support. I eagerly await a picture of the birthday girl with her quilt:)
  4. My customer's daughter turns 21 next week. The customer was cleaning out her storage boxes this fall and found all of her daughter's little girl clothes. She asked me to make a quilt from the clothes. We picked a very simple pattern to keep the focus on the clothing. The customer didn't want an all over pattern, so I pretty much put in everything but the kitchen sink including my first use of curved cross hatching in a block, several clam shell blocks, and lots of quiltazoid designs. The non-overlapping egg/dart sashing ties things together. I added a label on the back that has a pictur
  5. I also use the R&S boards. It takes a little while to get the hang of things, but the effort is really worth it. As an all over pattern on so many quilt tops, BF and swirls are hard to beat.
  6. This blue and white quilt is the first one my customer ever pieced (and appliqued and paper pieced and. . . . . She is with the State Department and is frequently posted to interesting places. During one assignment, she took a quilting class. I can't imagine doing this for my first quilt; what an adventurous teacher and group of students! The quilting is a lot of meandering, cc'ing with triple play rulers, a few quiltazoid designs, a couple of freehand feather designs, and a sashing design out of Linda Rech's book. Nothing fancy, but the quilt deserved more than a simple all over. Batti
  7. James, The quilt is fine. Quilted and used is better than wadded/folded up in a drawer or closet. Do take into consideration all of the advice for buying batting online. It's worth it not to have to make do with batts that may be fine for hand quilting but not fine for longarming. Lynn P.S. Happy New Year
  8. Congratulations to both you and your customer!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynn
  9. Lyn, Thanks for the wedding pictures. These are great. Lynn
  10. Do have the Kleenex ready for when the customer picks up the quilt. You've done a lovely job of giving this customer a beautiful reminder of her grandmother. Lynn
  11. Debbie, The quilt is just beautiful. I agree with the others - feel no guilt. Be amazed that during your caregiving services you found time to make such a treasure. I'm sure that your mother feels the love and comfort quilted into your gift for her. The time you are spending with your mom now is hard but precious. It is so important to be with people and to witness these transitions in their and in our own lives. In our hurry-up, I want this now world - time is the most precious gift. The quilt and your presence are both gifts of time. Lynn
  12. Debbie, Her applique and your quilting are just gorgeous. Please give us more details - thread, batting, how long . . . . were you quilting solid all week? Lynn
  13. It is a joy to hear the excitement in your voice - may be the best part of my day. A friend sent me a quote today: "Good friends are like quilts-they age with you, yet never lose their warmth." Amen. Lynn
  14. I think you need to figure out what your hourly rate needs to be - whether it is $7/hour or $20/hour. When I have a custom order, I take the time to actually make a block and carefully time myself. I figure that I will get faster as the piecing goes and figure that in to estimating how much time it will take me to piece the top. Beware, adding borders carefully takes more time that one thinks it should. Then I charge standard rates for quilting and binding. Be clear with your customer about who buys fabric and batting. If that is your responsibility, figure that into the quilt cost separa
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