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  1. Her top is so cute and she looks so happy. Glad my Popsicles made it in time.
  2. The bliss is what makes the difference. There really isn't a discernible difference between the freedom and Millie for most people on the same table. The bliss system is amazing. My Millie moves as easily as my much lighter Nolting midarm did with the bliss system.
  3. I bet you are having so much fun with her. Hope my block with Popsicles gets there in time for her to have the option of using it if she wants since she has Popsicles in her sashing.
  4. Definitely get that featherweight out of the attic! My aunt gave hers to me when I went away to college many years ago. I made clothes for myself and even wedding dresses for friends with that machine. It is still one of my go to machines for piecing. Another great older machine is an Elna 62. They show up on eBay at a reasonable price. My mother in law gave me a used one 25 years ago and I have made everything from delicate French Machine sewn dresses to heavily appliquéd velvet Irish dance costumes with it. The old Bernina's are great machines but pricey. I guess you can tell I'm a fan of old mechanical machines. They sew great, are easy to maintain, have less to break, and I love the way they sound. I even piece on my grandmother's old treadle sometimes. But I bet she would love the featherweight and it's a crime to have one of those gathering dust in the attic. They are such simple machines you might even be able to clean and oil and grease it up yourself. My grandmothers treadle had been in my aunt's attic for 40-50 years when I rescued it. I found enough information online to clean and service it myself and it works great.
  5. Theresa, Corey, and Cathy your blocks went out today. Felt so good to get a few of them in the mail! I'm still waiting to hear from everyone else with an address and priority. Again if you are in a hurry let me know and I'll get one right out to you. Otherwise I'll just work through the list as people send me their info. My email again is oireachtas@att.net Thanks for all of the support. Bonnie- I had been wondering how you were doing after your finger surgery. I'm sorry the recovery has been slower than you had hoped. Annette- when I shattered my shoulder and had replacement surgery I was very frustrated with how long it took me to recover. After six months my therapist finally told me that it was not unusual for the recovery period to be a year. I was at least lucky that we incorporated "long arming " into my range of motion therapy and I was back at my machine for short periods after about 6 weeks.
  6. What a sweet offer. The quilt is for a friend so I really want it to be from me. I took the unquilted top to the shower and she's happy to wait a few weeks since the baby's still a few weeks out from delivery. But where is there a nicer group of ladies than on this forum?
  7. Ok girls here is my update. I am still not there. The last couple of weeks have had my usual minor aches and pains flare into a major event. Last two weeks or so have had me drugged out on muscle relaxants and pain killers and haven't been able to piece or quilt at all - barely been able to get out if bed some days. Very frustrating. My doc finally decided to do a rheumatology workup when we realized that my joints were so swollen that I couldn't get rings I usually wear over my knuckles and i was wearing sandals because shoes wouldn't fit. Just ache all over! Have not been able to piece or quilt at all and have this project and a baby quilt that needed to be quilted a week ago gathering dust! Plan is to start some steroids and see if that actually helps sysptoms rather than just trying to mask symptoms with the muscle relaxants and painkillers which don't give much relief but make me feel like a zombie. So I propose that Theresa send out the packets to everyone without me. I have about 16 or 17 blocks ready to go. If everyone will send me their name and address and how high a priority it is for them I will send out the blocks i have ready to those who are anxious to get started.I will send out to the folks who want to get started quickly this week and for those of you who can wait I hope to be well enough to get them out within a couple weeks. Email me at oireachtas@att.net with your info and priority status. I can have my husband mail out the ones ready to go this week- can't safely drive myself because of the stupid meds. Sure wish I had decided to live with the first batch with the wrong side fabric! Thanks for your patience ladies. Everyone did such a great job. When we started I wondered how this would end up with such an open ended standard for the blocks. What a fun, interesting and unique result we have ended up with. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work through this crisis. I don't tolerate inactivity well. My mother in law is having surgery this week and I am always the person who goes and takes care of her when she has a health crisis. It's killing me to have to tell the family that I can't do it this time. I hope one of her daughters will step up.
  8. As one of the slowpokes let me chime in. I think it's totally Theresa's call as to whether or not she wants to go ahead and get these sent out. I would rather take responsibility for getting my blocks to each of you than to see her inconvenienced any further. I promise everyone will get a block with some ready now if some folks are in a hurry to get started on their finished product. It's been slow going on this second round - having some health issues that limit the time I can piece. But they are really cute.
  9. Theresa, my blocks are still not finished and I was just thinking today about how tired you must be of the piles in your house. If you would like to mail them out I would be glad to send mine to individual as they are finished. If you do that everyone would need to message me their name and address. Some are finished so if anyone is ready to get started let me know and I'll mail yours out before they are all finished.
  10. Thanks ladies. I am still enjoying working on the blocks even though it's slow going. It may be awhile before I do another paper piecing project.
  11. I may end up being the last man standing or I guess last woman stitching. My remake is going more slowly than anticipated and I can only tolerate about three hours hunched over the machine and cutting table a day. I didn't have any more of one of my original fabrics and so replaced it with a blue batik. This area has tiny pieces and the batik is bulkier and giving me fits trying to get everything matched up perfectly. So I am still a couple of days out. If I send everyone a fat quarter from my stash will I be forgiven?
  12. Instead of making this your problem can't you just tell her to supply a larger back? I guess this is why I'm not a pro. It's bad enough dealing with my own mistakes. I don't think I want to deal with other people's.
  13. Bekah, I'm sure we can fudge that 1/8 inch. I would say don't worry about antennae if it's not working. I'm sure they'll be lovely and if we really want antennae we can hand embroider or draw them on ourselves. Once I got over my original panic, I have relaxed and am enjoying working on my redo.