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  1. I wash all my fabric first and starch only what I am going to use at the time but this is usually for embroidery.Quilters newsletter had a very good chapter on starch and sizing. The plus is I can get heavy spray starch at the $ store for a dollar. Ann
  2. You do not have to be good in fact some members dont sew nor quilt. They just like quilts. My guilde in Dallas Tx has many national teachers and lots of charity groups to benfit many people. Friendship groups are fun and always helful. I can not say enough good things about quilting guilds. 55 miles is a long drive ,boy my hat is off to you Ann
  3. Shannon are you kidding if I could do that I would be thrilled. I can do fair going up on the right but my left side the feathers are drooping down and do not look like feathers at all. Ann
  4. All those animals are great. The dogs are so special. Monika, how in the world did you get 4 of them to sit still to take that picture? How much help did you have or how may takes That is just a super picture. Ann
  5. Mary Beth you could be rooting for the Lions. Bless their hearts. My family love them but say they do not know where the goal post are because they have never been there. Don't yell at me! I am from Detroit but last year the got the all time record for never winning a game Now that is sad. I am pulling for the Saints but no money on either. Ann
  6. I have a small waist basket almost full and I use everytime I need to tie something and I hang some on my car antenna so I can spot it in the parking lot. Ann
  7. Mary Beth what does it mean that you are a consultant. Does that mean we can ask questions? Ann
  8. Do not send any cold weather to Fla as we will all be paying much more for our fruit and veggies. I don't know where it is coming from (the Artic I hear but it way too cold here in Dallas We are not used to this We wrapp out pipes and worry about the pool freezeing as we do not shut down our pools in the winter like the north does. I gripe about our heat in the summer but when it gets this cold I say I will not gripe anymore but here come August and I am griping. Maybe in 2010 I will try and keep my mpouth shut. (hard for me to do lol Ann
  9. I too have passed it on. I got BC Oct 2007 This is a great video and so many participated. I am sure this was not any easy put together. It is a Wow just like some of the quilts I see on this forum. thanks for posting this Ann
  10. I love this quilt and her colors are a bit brighter than in the magz. "Quilting & Embroidery by Quiltmakers Summer 2009. The ducks came frm MM Embroider Designs,oregonpatchworks.com and mm designs are 25% off right now. It drove me crazy trying to find my magz. I found it this AM so I thought I would tell all who was interested as you all have been a lot of help to me as a new newebie Ann
  11. Oh my gosh !! So much time and it is so delightful and your quilting makes it pop even more. Ann
  12. first time writer Everyone is oi great here. Now that is said,your idea is wonderful. You have no idea how many times I had and still wish there was someone close here to help me through all this (do not know a thing deal) there is so much to learn Example- when my light went out I did not have a clue so I bough anouther one that did not work I did not know about the little black knob on the Millie that I must have hit and off it went . Before Christmas I think would be great to help all those gift givers help and Lord knows we need it. Bless you. I wish you were in Dallas. I do not know what
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