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    mountainquilter got a reaction from aktbone in Row by Row Experience   
    A gal has started a group on Facebook which is Row by Row PLATE Swap.  Just request to join and there are a lot of quilters willing to exchange plates.  Good Luck
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    mountainquilter reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR Madison story   
    Hi All,
    Just got the news that BIL has finally been awarded custody of niece Madison!  Many of you have been following this story for almost 6 years now.  I don't know the details of the award yet.  The lawyers office called to tell him he had won custody and they would be mailing the 30 pg document, with 8 pages of stipulations, most of them against the mother according to the secretary.  She told him that it definitely didn't go in her mother's favor.  Thank you all for your prayers over the years.  She still needs them but I'm hopeful that her parents can move on and just help her grow into the best woman she can.  I know that is probably naive but I'm hopeful!  Thanks again for all your prayers!
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    mountainquilter got a reaction from QuiltGuy in Colorado bound?   
    The Durango Quilt Co. is located at 21516 Hwy 160 W.  If you go towards Cortez it is on the left side, bright blue building about 1/2 to 1 mile past the busy intersection.  The other quilt shop I don't remember the name but is off highway 550 to the right past town.   Gayle is the owner and really great person.  Also there is a quilt shop in Cortez which is W. of Durango and it is called Cortez Quilt Co.  located at 40 W. Main St.  There used to be a quilt shop in Delores CO and I don't know if it has reopened or not.  My daughter lives in Durango West II so I hit all the shops when I go down.  Hopefully you can make it to Silverton and do the tourist thing.  SW Colorado is beautiful but in a terrible drought.  I live near Twin Lakes which is a beautiful area and we have had a ton of rain.  
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    mountainquilter reacted to Fastquilts in Quilt Shop Theft   
    I have always had to work hard for everything I have and am also a very giving person I think!  If someone would ask me for something I would be more than likely to give it to them but to steal, I just don't understand how people do this.  Our quilts are not cheap and we put a lot of time into them so I still just don't understand how they think they can just take whatever they want.
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    mountainquilter reacted to GMALKB in Quilt Shop Theft   
    Maybe if these people ever get caught and charged with the theft and find out the cost of those quilts, it would be Grand Larceny and carry a heavy punishment.   Not just some slap on the wrist.   Makes me angry.
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    mountainquilter got a reaction from dbams in Another reason I hate doing binding   
    I sew binding on front by machine and hand stitch to the back.  Very relaxing to hand stitch to the back.  I enjoy it.
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    mountainquilter reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Radiant Star   
    I love how the simplicity of this pattern really shows "before" and "after" quilting.  I wasn't all that excited to start this one, but it perked up just fine.
    Radiant Star - before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr   Diana's radiant star by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr  
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    mountainquilter reacted to ffq-lar in Vintage Tin embroidered quilt   
    This is another Crabapple Hill design embroidered by a customer for her DH, who restores old cars. It's called Vintage Tin. She customized the designs to reflect local scenes with a map of our area, her hubby's Impala and Chevy truck, their license plates, "Old 99" instead of Rt. 66, and her hubby's initials on the gas station. It was great fun to stitch on and she was thrilled with how it came out. Quote:"When I dropped it off it was flat and now it's so much better!"
    I love my customers!
    Flickr link    http://www.flickr.com/photos/larech/12231542505/
    Arrow left for details and click two times for full screen. Thanks for looking.
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    mountainquilter reacted to Mrs.A in The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo by Nancy Arseneault 2014   
    Will now attempt to load photos of my new quilt: The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo from the Tucson Quilt Fiesta last weekend.  My record with adding photos is not too good…hope this will work.
    When my husband became obsessed with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO books & movies, I collaborated with tattoo artist Stephanie Davis to include my favorite quilting motifs (feathers, spirals, dots) into an original drawing of a Chinese dragon.  Then I turned the black & white drawing into this quilt.  It is machine appliquéd and was quilted on my APQS George machine with feathers, several traditional Sashiko patterns and some scribbling or thread painting.  Silk, metallic, cotton, rayon and polyester threads in all sizes (12 to 100) were used in the decorative stitching and quilting.  Started in January 2013, completed January 2014.


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    mountainquilter reacted to ffq-lar in Snowman quilt   
    Here's one I quilted last year. They are so fun! 
    Right now I have "Vintage Tin" on the frame. It's from the same pattern designer. It's a guy quilt with a Route 66 theme.
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    mountainquilter got a reaction from quiltingjoyful51 in NQR Prayers Please UPDATE   
    Jury Duty?  My husband and I had to serve together once.  My husband isn't a patient person when it comes to sitting around in a courtroom, 
    then another one came for both of us and he refused to go.  I said well if you aren't going then neither am I.  The Judge sent a ugly letter and said if we didn't explain why we would be charged a fine.  Can't remember if we paid a fine, but if we had to you can bet I made the hubby pay it.  We haven't received a jury notice since.  I know it's the American way but some of the things are just frivolous.  Good luck on your jury day.
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    mountainquilter got a reaction from GrandmaLKB in My mother's day gifts from my 21 year old son   
    One daughter gave me a DVD player and all the episodes of Person of Interest so I now have no excuse to not use the treadmill.  I had told them i didn't use the treadmill cause it's BORING.  They are trying to keep me healthy so I can finish all the quilt projects I'v started .  Then they won't have to deal with them.  It's just so much more fun to quilt!!!!!!
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    mountainquilter got a reaction from Sandra Darlington in Say some prayers for me, please....   
    Thinking of you with positive thoughts and prayers.  Keep us posted and we all will keep saying prayers.  I agree the waiting is terrible.\
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