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  1. Hi Chris, missed you at the show aswell. I was busy helping on my friends stall. Janettes quilt was stunning and was a well deserved winner
  2. sending you love and hugs from across the pond xxxxxx
  3. has anyone heard from Marilyn aka BagLady who lives in Brooklyn?
  4. congratulations Heidi, you and Mike must be over the moon as well as mummy and daddy....
  5. Congratulations Linda....that is one beautiful quilt with fantastic quilting
  6. Heidi, don't forget to breathe.... have a great time and enjoy being momzilla, you have earned it...... xxxxxxx
  7. I have a sizzix big shot and big shot pro and love them both. According to one of the blogs you can use other makes of die. As Caren said it is worth considering..
  8. Kay, toot toot all the way from Loch Lomond...sorry won't get to the championships to see them, hopefully catch up soon......
  9. Heidi, fancy a holiday in Scotland? I have 19 tops waiting to be quilted....
  10. Heidi, hang on in there.......look forward to the wedding, enjoy the day and remember you are Queen for the day.......
  11. Oma, prayers for a speedy recovery, and a huge hug from across the pond
  12. gorgeous quilt...... I vote for baptist fan..
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