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  1. Hi Carman I'm also in Vermont, and quilt for other. I have a web site that you can have your friend look at with all my contact information Countryroadquilting.com
  2. Good job sister, even if it scrappy I like it.
  3. You are very blessed for sure with all your family and friends, I understand every thing you went though and want you to know that people like us (9 years for me this past October) how this changes how we look at life and just the little thing that make us happy. Congratulations for the good work, and god bless
  4. A customer ask me to quilt 2 or her Grand Mothers or her Great Grand Mothers quilt tops( she couldn't remember which). Both were in very good condition with the exception of a few stains. Both had been hand pieced and for the most part done very well, though I did find pins in one of them. When Sandy brought them to me we went over designs and chose one called antique lace, it was the correct choice it looks very soft on the quilts and she love them.
  5. That just great, I really like it.
  6. Jean when I get back home after I visit my little Kaidan I will be starting mine, I not sure If I will make it the full size or just half the size like she said by doing just half the amount. I'm going to look at the fabric before I go so when I'm visiting the kids I may just have to go to a really great quilt shop and have my daughter in law pick out some fabric and make it for her.
  7. I did a bead board design on the border, then a small meandering on the inside of the applique border. A panto on the body of the quilt. This came out very nice and I'm very happy with it.
  8. I also get half the money up front as the deposit, and on the contract that tell the customer once the fabric is cut there is no refund. So far I had no problems.
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