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  1. Carmen, you are not the only one who has this problem... I used to be able to copy/paste from outside the forum, but for months now I matter what I do. Have tried everything you mentioned with the copy/paste icons, too. Are there some settings we don't know about?? Hope someone can help!
  2. wow, how does that even happen? ....I just don't get how things can go so wrong. Sorry for the quilter who actually takes this one on
  3. Hi Bonnie, hope you have gotten an answer to your problem by now...I see you first posted this a couple days ago, and have not had many replies. I have a love/hate relationship with my Quilt Path, sometimes it works wonderfully, other times not. I have experienced all sorts of issues with Quilt Path, and your problem sounds very familiar. Occasionally my whole machine will just freeze up. Needle up/down wouldn't work at all, in fact I couldn't even move the sewing head, it was locked in place. So I would have to shut everything down and reboot, then re-set safe area and so on. This would happen when I would use the pull bobbin feature.... I found out through an act of desperation and frustration (tried tapping every button on the screen!) that if I touched the "trace" button, it would magically "unfreeze" everything, and start to trace...I could then tap "stop" and start over to pull bobbin thread again. I actually quit using "pull bobbin" and now just use "move to start" and then pull my bobbin thread manually. Another thing it would do (so aggravating).... after it was done stitching out a pattern, the screen comes up that says "sewing complete", then I tap on "back to pattern placement" and begin to move the machine away to the next block. It would take one stitch and stop with the needle down while I was still moving the machine. Very nearly tore the quilt top several times. I have learned to move the machine very slowly after it thinks it's done sewing. I have the same issues with the screen freezing and going grey that others have mentioned as well. Sometimes I get a message on the screen that says something like "needle did not raise, retry or raise needle manually" when in fact the needle was up...don't remember the exact words. Searching the forum once again for solutions, and I see that there have been several who have suggested that removing the USB hub and plugging directly into the tablet seems to resolve some issues, so I am going to try that on the next quilt. You might want to try that too...if you haven't already. I haven't upgraded to the most recent software version... on the fence about that for now, as I see others have experienced problems after upgrading. My tablet is dedicated for QP, I don't use it for surfing, or downloading digital quilt patterns, or even for email. Hope you have success with yours
  4. Thanks Angela.... I've got the first one under my belt, so I know the next will be easier. And I admit I didn't start with the simplest plan either. I could have done an easy panto, but oh no, I chose otherwise! on a quilt for my 5 year old granddaughter no less. (as if it will matter to her!) I just figure that for the small fortune I've got invested in Quilt Path, I should be able to make it do what it's designed to do. How does one do that without instructions? Seriously, my frustration doesn't come from the software... I know it's a great program, and what I've been able to figure out has worked very well, although there were a couple minor hiccups with the program. My frustration is due to the simple fact that the manual that came with it has virtually no useful instructions. I bought Quilt Path because of all of the promises that came with it... to finish my quilts myself, use designs that I am not comfortable doing freehand, finish them in a timely manner and have fun in the process. I work all day on a computer, unfortunately nothing to do with design software. The last thing I want to do after a long day at the office is to spend more time trying to make a computer do stuff, or go surfing for answers! So I do look forward to your Tech Sunday posts.... thanks for all your efforts, I'm sure there are a million other things you could be doing with your time!
  5. Hi RonieM I hope you have this figured out by now, but just in case here are steps I used.... 1. Go to Design & Create Pattern 2. Select Pattern 3. Make sure "Nodes" are on....If your pattern doesn't appear with a bunch of red circles or dots, you need to click on "Nodes" over on the top left side of the screen 4. Over on the right side of the screen click on "Select" 5. Click on "Select All" ....all of the nodes should now be solid red dots 6. Use the "Flip" and "Rotate" buttons until your pattern is oriented the way you want it. 7. Save the file with a new name. I have no background in using software for creating or editing designs, so I literally spent hours trying to figure this simple procedure out. Talk about frustrating, I was ready to scream. Maybe there is a quicker way...if there is I don't know... Still can't believe there is no manual with instructions to execute such basic tasks!! The one and only quilt I have managed to complete with Quilt Path took me days to finish...I spent more time searching for solutions and using the "trial and error" method than I did stitching. ... argh.... Pleeeeease APQS.... we need more tutorials! Basic things like this might be easy for those who have experience with these types of programs, but for those of us with limited or no knowledge, the simplest of tasks are extremely frustrating and time consuming. And please don't say the best way to learn is by "playing" with it... I have a full time job so I don't have the time, nor do I want to spend hours searching for answers, or composing forum posts to describe what I want to accomplish and then hoping someone will have an answer while I wait and my machine sits idle. Quite frankly, that doesn't feel like "playing" to me. I would have liked to open a manual and flip to a step by step instruction page that tells me exactly how to rotate a design. I'm not unhappy with Quilt Path... but I am unhappy with the lack of instruction. I suspect I'm not alone. p.s.... thanks to Angela for your tutorials on your ThreadWaggle quilting blog... if I hadn't been able to work through your creating a panto lesson where you talked about "nodes", I would probably still be trying to figure out how to rotate a design.
  6. Hi all, it seems there are quite a few people experiencing the same problem I had importing files, I have had quite a number of requests to forward the email I got from Grace Company. I have tried numerous times to copy/paste that email into this post, but for some reason it just won't work.... so I've decided to copy/paste it in a word document....(sorry, I don't have a pdf creator on my laptop). Anyways, I will try to add the word document as an attachment If this doesn't work, could I trouble one of you who received the email from me to add those instructions here please? It would be so good if others could come here for the solution. also... if anyone knows if there are any settings I need to change in the forum to allow the copy/paste function to work, could you let me know? I used to be able to do it.... Thanks edited... managed to get a pdf file, hope it works! Quilt Path Help.pdf
  7. Hi Lynn, I tried to send you a PM but I get a message that says you cannot receive any new messages.... is your inbox full? I just sold my QZ a few weeks ago
  8. Very pretty, love the fills. This looks like a two-for-one! I love the back as much as the front!
  9. Wow.... magnificent! you should be so very proud! love everything about it!
  10. Beautiful! Batiks are gorgeous... and I love the quilt name too. Makes me giggle
  11. I received a lengthy and very detailed email from customer service at Grace Co and was assured that my system is running correctly, and was also offered a simple solution to the problem. I can't seem to copy/paste the email in this post...(it appears computers don't like me lately)... however, to quickly summarize.... digital pattern files are sized at whatever size chosen by the person who made it... in my case, I got some very large files which when opened in Select and Sew Pattern, take quite some time to load and can cause the system to hang. I was given very easy step by step instructions on how to resize and save the imported files at a more usable size in the future. I tried this tonight (in simulation mode) on at least 4 of the qli files I imported, and it worked every time in Select & Sew Pattern, without fail.... no more system stalls, no more "outside safe area", no more crashing/rebooting. If anyone experiences the same issues I had, feel free to message me and I can forward the sanity saving email I received from Grace Co. Thanks to everyone on the forum for suggestions, and to Dawn for interceding for me....and a huge thanks to Chris at Grace Co for excellent support! I'm a happy quilter again, and looking forward to bonding with Quilt Path!
  12. Hi Tom, thanks for your reply. When I click on Help, I get a little menu that has 4 choices...."About", "Help Topics", "License Agreement" and "Self Test". The Help Topics just takes me to a pdf file....although nothing in the line of solving a problem that I have seen. Where did you go to find the new version? Has anyone else installed the newest version? .....don't think I can play around with this tonight, having a relapse of cold/flu
  13. Thank you Dawn! I'm checking in from work this morning, and have just set up email in my APQS account settings. Hope it works... but just in case... it's smaher (dot) southern @ sasktel (dot) net (no spaces) Thanks again!
  14. Thank you all for your replies! Barb and version is 3.05.04. I'm assuming that is the most recent? My Quilt Path arrived in the midst of Christmas preparations, have not actually done anything on a real quilt yet... so far just playing on muslin. Thank you for the tip about emailing....I will message you Shirley, for a contact person, if I don't get this figured out. Georgene, I just tried opening in Design & Create... (I'm in simulation mode at the moment) and that did work. Still so new at this, haven't figured out how to get it to quilt from there. Thanks for the tip though, and best of luck to you with your Quilt Path. I so want to love this program! LOL And thanks Angela, yes they are fairly simple blocks. I have imported and deleted and reimported and deleted and reimported until I'm blue in the face!! I even tried importing from different screens, (Design and Create Pattern, Design and Create Pantograph) ... I re-downloaded the files to my laptop a couple times, and unzipped again...then transferred to USB stick to import again on the Surface tablet.... And rebooted many many times. I was just about to try different file formats tonight, but got tied up on the phone, so I will try again tomorrow night (it's my bedtime ) And BTW... I started working through your panto lesson on your Blog.... loved learning new things... although I didn't get it completed last night... chose a different font than what you used, and ran into trouble cuz the start stitching spot on the number was in the middle somewhere, couldn't figure out how to move it and gave up before I figured that maybe I should have drawn my loopy line through the start point???.... I'll work on that...LOL Thank you so much for blogging about Quilt Path... it's a huge help! Anyways... thanks to all of you for your suggestions... I will report back after I've played around some more.
  15. I have downloaded several different designer digital files, (from One Song Needle Arts, My Creative Stitches, & Digitech) started with the free ones just to see how the process worked. These were all .qli files, and I had no trouble at all importing them into Quilt Path. When I go to "Select and Sew PATTERN", and try to open my imported file, it stalls and crashes the program. Sometimes it will just stall for a few minutes, and then QP tells me "out of safe area" when I have already set the safe area. Try to reset safe area, and it will stall and eventually crash. Sometimes I get a pop-up that says something like "Quilt Path is not responding, the program will now close" Or it will just simply freeze the tablet, and I will have to do a hard restart. I've spent practically all weekend resetting safe area and rebooting my tablet. What I really want to do now is boot the whole thing out the door! However, if I open the same imported file by going to "Select and Sew PANTOGRAPH", and then click on my imported file, it will open, and if I then select "stitch as a single pattern" I can set the block and stitch it out. Is this a software problem? or does "Select and Sew PATTERN" just not work with imported files??? Do I always need to be in panto stacker to open and quilt an imported file, even if I just want a triangle or square motif?? or should I have chosen a different file format to import? I don't get it. Confused and frustrated!! Only happens with imported files, the ones that came with QP work fine. I work full time, and have very little time to quilt during the week, so weekends it is.... is hard for me to contact Grace Co...or whoever it is I should be calling. I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.... thank you!