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  1. Yes!!! You are my hero. Thanks so much for your assistance. Last night at 10 pm I was ready to put my milli on the blog for sale.
  2. I have occasional long areas of skipped stitches, holes from needle. I am using superior so fine variegated thread and prewound polyester bobbins. I am using the SR and 10 stitches/inch. I have replaced the needle 4.0, loosened the top tension, checked the hook assembly for abrasions and checked the needle placement. What else could possibly be wrong. I need to finish this quilt ASAP...and Barb is down under!!
  3. Got my new wheels installed thanks to Barbm. I can not believe that I held out because of the cost. That's was truly the best money spent. Now I know why my husband get so excited about new wheels:P At least mine have a function and are not just pretty.
  4. I just purchased the true sharp on amazon for about $45
  5. I am looking for anyone selling their APQS overhead lights for my Millennium
  6. Barb glad your back, did you find room for my goodies:D
  7. Barb maybe you need those APQS lights that I want and then after you finish the quilt you could sell them to me at a "used" price.
  8. are you interested in selling any of the thread, bobbins or other accessories?
  9. Yes, I felt so stupid, all of the info I have says it is on the right side. She stated APQS changed it to the left with the new model.
  10. I am sooooooooooo lucky to have purchased my machine from Barb. What a great lady. She spent the entire day with me teaching me the ropes. Her knowledge of the business of quilting for others and machine info was very helpful, she even found the manual needle up down:P. She brought a great gift basket for me, with lots of great stuff. Way to go Barb.
  11. Road trip... my friend and I talked at 6 pm last night and planned a road trip from Spokane to Sisters Oregon for the quilt show. We are so excited. We have never gone before, does anyone have any ideas or info for us.
  12. I finsihed my first project. I am so proud it looks great
  13. I am as excited for you as I am. The weather is suppose to be 80 today in Spokane, but I can't wait to play on the machine so the family will all be outside and Milli and I will be alone quilting. Yes. Enjoy your new machine.
  14. Ok I have now watched the video 3 times, taken notes and I think its time to turn on the machine. I have wriiten some questions down from the video that I can't seem to get. It says my milli has a bobbin winder on the machine, I can not locate. I did get a seperate bobbin winder with no instructions. I also do not see anything that talks about the changing of the led lights to the black light. I am going for it and just seeing what I learn. Wish me luck. I at least can say that I have used longarms in the past and had my own midarm and frame so I should be somewhat ready.
  15. Yes, Milli arrived yesterday at 1:36 pacific time. My daughters boyfriend, who's mother owns a longarm sat and waited for the truck while I was at work. What a guy! I was home from work very promptly no over time for me. I had my husband home soon after and we began the adventure of putting everything together. I must say it went easy except when my helper thought he knew the next step and had to redo things a few time. I must say I am excited and nervous to get going. Barb my rep has been terrific. I can't wait to spend some time with her after she gets back. Off to watch the video. Michelle