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  1. Thanks Jennifer. I'll call my son and we'll give this a try.
  2. My stitch regulator has just started acting up in the same way as Gail's. Were you able to get this issue resolved?
  3. Thank you for all your tips. I did contact the customer and explained the difficulty to her. She stated that after some research she realized it would be a problem. The quilt is done, and thanks to Linda's suggestions, the finished result looks OK. Not perfectly centered. I will think twice about trying this again.
  4. I've been asked to quilt a queen-sized quilt. I'll be doing an edge-to-edge pattern. The backing has at least 2 borders all around the outside. How do I load and quilt this so that the quilt top is centered on the backing? Or do I call the lady and tell her that I can't guarantee that the finished quilt top will be centered on the backing. Her quilts have previously been hand quilted. I'd appreciate your help. Carol
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