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  1. Thanks Dawn that brought a smile to my face! Way to go Mark (and the others too!) So much talent out there!
  2. Hey Julie---looks like apqs is going to be at Des Moines this year...just saying cause you were asking
  3. Julie Cheryl is right, I don't remember seeing the iq there either. They are not listed on the vendor list, however that does not mean that another vendor won't have one. They may be at MQS. Hope to run into you there. In Iowa that is
  4. I'll be there with a friend (try to make it an annual event but missed last year) probably at the show friday and maybe saturday. maybe see you there. I got the IQ so if you have questions on it I'm there for you!
  5. Dell, Just had a scare like that with my husband too. I can feel for you. I think I finally stopped shaking too. Best wishes to both of you. Hoping for a speedy recovery and no more scares! Really takes it out of you. Sounds like you have good support near by. Blessings for you and your family. (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))
  6. several company's make fusible webbing. There is wonder under in both light and regular, heat and bond is another(also light and regular), Alene's used to be sold at JoAnns too (they do not carry that anymore). Steam a seam usually was only sold in packages not on the rolls (at least at our store) there was several different kinds of that. Sulky make a lot of stabilizers but I don't remember a fusible applique. Any of these sound like what you need? Hope this helped
  7. No you don't have to pre order. They usually have a good supply. Once in awhile they may run out of a color or two. Make sure you have an account set up with them and tell them you have one or you will be charged regular customer price.
  8. Had a quilt not to long ago that had allllll kinds of fabrics in it from satin to taffeta, velvet, velveteen, silk, you name it! All made from prom and special occasion dresses. I can't tell you the panic I felt. But, went ahead and held my breath and did it and had no troubles at all. The closest thing that even came close to trouble was the thickness of the velveteen wanted to "move" under the hopping foot. (drag along with it) could have resolved the problem by adjusting my hopping foot but there was only a couple of blocks. May be helpful if you use your thinner needle. Alot of th
  9. Good idea on the bus trip, put me down! When do we leave? Hi Laura
  10. Be aware that it only is open from 5 to 8 on Thursday.
  11. sometimes they have put a sign on the tables in the entry so whenever we needed a sit down time we could go there, but we are at a new venue this year so I dont know what set up there will be.
  12. Be there Friday only. Will be a long day but glad I get to make it! I'm sure APQS will be there...I need some bobbins! Hope to see as many of you as I can there
  13. You are a lucky girl to have Barb so close to help you. She is a saint! Welcome to the forum!
  14. Deb I'm telling you it has taken over your brain!! Q U I L T !!!!! Quilters don't know how to quit!
  15. I am almost sure that I have seen that one on this forum...wasnt mine though but someone out there may remember it. What is the name of the pattern? Try that in the search maybe that will bring it up.
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