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  1. Thats the weekend of the Omaha Quilt Show:( Can't do it then PLEASE pick another date
  2. Wow can we handle all that fun in one day. Bet I can!!!! Now remind me what the date is again I want to get it marked on my calendar!!! However I would like to vote on a mudslide. have you had those? yummy:cool: What can I bring???? Thanks again everyone for the warm welcomes, I can see you are all very special people!!!!! Come on girls lets go.....I'm stopping at the bank to see if theres anything left after MQS:o
  3. Thanks Renae, I would like that and I will take you up on that as I have not been to too many of the shops in that area. Don't be surprised when you hear from me;)
  4. Not going to that one but I'm hitting the Omaha NE one, but I will think of you. Have fun I know I will;)
  5. Wow this sounds like fun can someone fit me in their suitcase?? I want to go...I'm always up for a retreat. P.S. Big suitcase please;)
  6. Wow I didn't know that about the W & N. Learned something new today: Will give that a try and see if it helps. Thanks .....Thanks for all the welcomes too you all are so nice. As soon as I figure out the picture thing I will try to post but please don't hold your breath sometime it takes me a time or two before I figure these dadgummed things out.:(
  7. Thanks for the tips and I will see now if I have the signature thing right:mad:
  8. Ok Kim, Went in and did my signature saved it to a file, tried to do a copy and paste and it wouldn't let me just comes up regular lettering. So how did you get yours from the file to your block in edit membership??? help not so up on this stuff... Roxanne
  9. I am in St Paul, 25 miles North of GI. Thanks for the info. Roxanne
  10. Thanks my DD picked it out cause I keep a quilt on the bench on the front porch. Worked for me!! Roxanne
  11. Hello Everyone- Just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks to Heidi I am FINALLY able to get on this forum. I have been reading for awhile but unable to log on or register. But all fixed now..Anyway my name is Roxanne and I live in Central Nebraska, just got my Millie a few weeks ago, and just got back from MQS. What a blast... I started quilting several years back before regulated stitch, but when my Dad passed away my sister got the quilting machine so my quilting came to an end for about 5 years. Withdrawal got the best of me and I decided to take the plunge and get one of my own. Am l
  12. Mark I agree it was fun watching you "sweat". But I think perhaps they should Auction off the "Guys" as well as the quilts to help the cause. What do you think girls? Should Mark go first? Great job Mark!!!:D:D Roxanne
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